Complete Guide To Temtem Items

Last Modified Jan 30, 2020 09:38 GMT

Temtem is an MMO that was released recently for early access. The game is inspired by Pokemon and retrieves a lot of elements from the game. It is a classic monster-catching game where tamers travel around the Temtem word battling other tamers and catching as many Temtem as possible.

One of the key aspects of Temtem is the plethora of items and gears available in the game. These items and gears have a wide range of uses, from those of health, unlocking special events, and more. Items and gears can be found through the Temtem World, and tamers can get their hands on it by simply finding them in open or getting them as rewards in some cases. Items can also be bought from Emporium using the in-game currency called Pansun. Pansun can be earned by defeating other tamers, completing side quests or by releasing Temtem in wild.

Items make the overall progression much easier and using them properly can be game-changing. New players just diving in the game might find trouble understanding the concept of items and how to use them optimally. Here is a detailed guide on every Temtem Item and gear available in the game-

Taming Item

As the name suggests, these are used for catching wild Temtem in the game. Every wild Temtem in the game is tamable and special TemCard is used for taming them. Depending upon the rarity and catch percentage of the Temtem, TemCard might or might be able to taming the wild Temtem. There are two variations available of TemCard and these are-

ItemEffectsCostSelling Price
TemCardThis item allows you to catch a tame Temtem.15 Pansun10 Pansun
TemCard+This item allows you to catch a tame Temtem with a higher success rate.80 Pansun55 Pansun

General Items

There are all the generic items available in the game. Some of them can be sold in the shop for high Pansun (in-game currency), while others can help in doing simple chores. Smoke Bomb and Scent are one of the most used items in the game. Smoke Bomb will teleport a tamer to the last used Emporium (Temtem healing place) while Scent will reduce the encounter rate of wild Temtem. Since Temtem is a grindy game, tamers will need to use the items efficiently in order to maximize the potential. Here are all the general items available in the game-

General ItemsEffects/UsesCostSelling Price
Tiny CrystalThis item can be sold at a decent price.N/A20 Pansuns
Average CrystalThis item can be sold at a decent price.N/A60 Pansuns
ScentThis item reduces untamed encounters for about 100m.60 Pansuns41 Pansuns
Sea SaltThis item can be sold at a decent price.N/A300 Pansuns
Silicon FragmentThis item can be sold at a decent price.N/A39 Pansuns
Silicon ShardThis item can be sold at a decent price.N/A299 Pansuns
Smoke BombYou can instantly visit the last visited Temporium.120 Pansuns83 Pansuns

Medicinal Items

Medicinal items are used during or outside of a battle to restore a Temtem’s HP, remove status conditions, or revive a Temtem. These are highly essential for smoother progression in the game. A lot of opposing Temtem will inflict status conditions such as toxic, a burn or a freeze, which can be detrimental to your Temtem. In order to remove these conditions tamers can use medicinal items that can be bought from Emporium or often can be found in open in the loot boxes. Similarly, these can also restore Hit Points (HP) or stamina depending on the type of item used. Here are all the medicinal items available in the game-

Medicinal ItemEffectsCostSelling Price
AntitodeRemoves poison status ailment.120 Pansun83 Pansun
AwakenerRemoves asleep status ailment.120 Pansun83 Pansun
BalmHeals for +25 HP.80 Pansun55 Pansun
Balm+Heals for +70 HP.325 Pansun227 Pansun
CoolerRemoves burn status ailment.200 Pansun139 Pansun
Energetic BananaReplenishes +50% stamina.250 Pansun174 Pansun
Energetic KiwiReplenishes +25% stamina.150 Pansun104 Pansun
Enhancer AvocadoAdds 50 TV to a stat below 500.400 Pansun279 Pansun
Enhancer CherryAdds 20 TV to SPD.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer CoconutAdds 20 TV to DEF.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer MangoAdds 20 TV to SP. ATK.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PapayaAdds 20 TV to SP. DEF.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PeachAdds 20 TV to ATK.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer PineappleAdds 20 TV to HP.500 Pansun349 Pansun
Enhancer WatermelonAdds 20 TV to Stamina.100 Pansun69 Pansun
EtherReplenishes +20 Stamina.100 Pansun69 Pansun
Ether+Replenishes +45 Stamina.300 Pansun209 Pansun
Fertility EnhancerEnhances a Temtem’s fertility by +1.N/A3,150 Pansun
Full RestoreFully restores HP, stamina, and removes all status ailments.N/A332 Pansun
Growth EnhancerIncreases a Temtem’s level by +1.N/A1,540 Pansun
HeaterRemoves Cold/Frozen status ailment.200139 Pansun
Power ReviveRevives a Temtem with 25% HP and 100% stamina.700489 Pansun
ReviveRevives a Temtem with 50% HP and stamina.500349 Pansun
Telomere Hack – AttackAdds +1 SV to ATK.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – DefenseAdds +1 SV to DEF.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – HPAdds +1 SV to HP.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – Special AttackAdds +1 SV to SP. ATK.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – SpeedAdds +1 SV to SPD.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – Special DefenseAdds +1 SV to SP. DEF.N/A4,900 Pansun
Telomere Hack – StaminaAdds +1 SV to Stamina.N/A4,900 Pansun
TonicReplenishes +15 HP and +12 Stamina.80 Pansun55 Pansun
Tonic+Replenishes +42 HP and +27 Stamina.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Vigorous LoquatReplenishes +42% HP and +27% Stamina.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Vital AppleReplenishes 25% HP.150 Pansun104 Pansun
Vital DurianReplenishes 50% HP.350 Pansun244 Pansun
Weakener GrapefruitRemoves -20 TV from Stamina.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener KumquatRemoves -20 TV from SPD.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener LemonRemoves -20 TV from HP.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener LimeRemoves -20 TV from DEF.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener OrangeRemoves -20 TV from ATK.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener PomeloRemoves -20 TV from SP. ATK.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener TangerineRemoves -20 TV from SP. DEF.750 Pansun524 Pansun
Weakener YuzuRemoves -50 TV from any stat.600 Pansun419 Pansun

Note- TV stands for Training Value and SV stands for Single Value


Gear are the held items that can be carried by a Temtem in the game. These gears have a wide variety of effects, from passive power boosts to situational actives. Similar to all the other items, gears can be found throughout the Temtem world, and tamers can usually find them in open or by completing special quests. Each gear has a different effect, some affecting the Temtem’s status condition, some boosting stats and some powering up moves.

Cowards’s Cloak one of the most important gear in the game that allows the Temtem that is holding it to earn experience, regardless of if that Temtem is battling or not. Similarly, other gears can come in handy in different situations. Here are all the gears available in the game-

Coward’s CloakYour held Temtem gains XP and TV from combat without participating.On the top-left of the Sillaro River, near a rocky formation.
DecoyYour chances of running away from combat increases.Acquired from Missing Kids side mission.
Fire ChipIncreases damage of Fire Techniques by +10%.Found in Anak Volcano.
Four-leaf CloverIncreases the catch rates of untamed Temtem.Inside the Aguamarina Caves following the puzzle. It requires you to have Crystal Skates
Hand FanIncreases damage of Wind Techniques by +10%.Acquired from Travel Writer after providing the details of Omninesia.
Lightning RodYou take -20% damage from Electric Techniques.Acquired during Blueprint Delivery side mission.
LureUntamed Temtem target the bearers.Acquired from Travel Writer after providing the details of Deniz.
PillowAt the start of every turn, asleep Temtem replenish 10% max HP.Acquired during Paparazzo’s side mission in Mokupuni.
ProteinsDefeating untamed Temtem grants double TVs.Found in Giant Banyan after beating Nanga Dojo.
PansunscreenPrevents burn status ailment.Nanga Dojo.
TalismanPrevents doomed status ailment.On the very top of Windward Fort.
UmbrellaYou take -20% damage from Water Techniques.Acquired from Tourist Guide in Arissola.
Ice CubeYou take -20% damage from Fire Techniques.On the left side of Mokupuni Dojo.
Energy DrinkPrevents asleep status ailment.Acquired from Find Kemal.
Rock ShieldYou take -20% damage from Crstal Techniques.Acquired from Find Kemal.
SqueezerWhen used in battles, healing items restore +70% more HP.Acquired from Find Kemal.
SweatbandRestores +15% stamina at the start a turn.Acquired from Cultist Hunt.
Tucma MaskYou take -20% damage from Toxic Techniques.When you first meet Naolin, you get it during Shipwrecked in Tucma!
SnareDisables attacker’s gear upon attacking you.Talk to the guildmaster and complete Blueprint Delivery.
ChamomileFully removes stage changes during a battle.Wreck of the Narwal.
greasePrevents trapped status ailment.Wreck of the Narwal.
Shuine’s HornChanges Toxic-type Techniques into Water-type.Breached Narwal.
Vitality DNA StrandInherit parent’s HP.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Lithe DNA StrandInherit parent’s SPD.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Aggressive DNA StrandInherit parent’s ATK.Purchased from Breeding Center.
gifted DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. ATK.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Endurance DNA StrandInherit parent’s STA.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Hardening DNA StrandInherit parent’s DEF.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Dominant DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. DEF.Purchased from Breeding Center.
Vigor DNA StrandInherit parent’s HP and STA.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Mighty DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. ATK and ATK.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Immunity DNA StrandInherit parent’s SP. DEF and DEF.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.
Engineered DNA StrandInherit parent’s trait slot.FreeTem! Organizational Weekly.

Training Courses

Training Courses or more commonly known as TC are items that can teach Temtem new techniques or moves. An already obtained TC can be use infinitely on any Temtem that is compatible with it. TC can be earned by loot chests or by completing side quests in the game. Here is a list of all the Training Courses available in the game-

TC001: TsunamiYour Temtem can learn Tsunami.
TC002: Stone WallYour Temtem can learn Stone Wall.
TC003: Turbo ChoreographyYour Temtem can learn Turbo Choreography.
TC004: Wake UpYour Temtem can learn Wake Up.
TC005: MisogiYour Temtem can learn Misogi.
TC006: Magma CannonYour Temtem can learn Magma Cannon.
TC007: Noxious BombYour Temtem can learn Noxious Bomb.
TC008: Awful SongYour Temtem can learn Awful Song.
TC009: AntitoxinsYour Temtem can learn Antitoxins.
TC010: ConfiscateYour Temtem can learn Confiscate.
TC011: CageYour Temtem can learn Cage.
TC012: RendYour Temtem can learn Rend.
TC013: BlockYour Temtem can learn Block.
TC014: Madness BuffYour Temtem can learn Madness Buff.
TC015: FootworkYour Temtem can learn Footwork.
TC016: Held AngerYour Temtem can learn Held Anger.
TC017: RelaxYour Temtem can learn Relax.
TC018: Major SlashYour Temtem can learn Major Slash.