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Minecraft Biomes

Biomes are regions of the terrain in a Minecraft world with varying geographical features, elevation, vegetation, mobs, temperature, and sky color.Biomes make up the whole Minecraft World. The current Biomes are: Plains, Forest, Extreme Hills, Desert, Jungle, Snowy Plains, Snow Jungles, Swamp, Ocean and Mushroom


  1. Plains
  2. Forest
  3. Dark Forest
  4. Swamp
  5. Jungle
  6. Taiga
  7. Giant Tree Taiga
  8. Snowy Tundra
  9. Badlands
  10. Beaches
  11. Rivers
  12. Ice Spikes
  13. Desert
  14. Savanna
  15. Ocean
  16. Mushroom Fields
  17. Extreme Hills
  18. Mountains


  1. Deep Dark
  2. Dripstone Caves
  3. Lush Caves

Worlds (Zones)

  1. The Overworld
  2. The Nether
  3. The End

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