Every Super Bowl record Tom Brady holds

Tom Brady lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy
Tom Brady lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Tom Brady has retired from the NFL after 22 legendary years, ending the greatest career in NFL history. He is the most accomplished player of all time, and his career was ultimately defined by winning. The only thing more impressive than his dominance in the regular season is his extreme success in the postseason.

Brady holds several records across all levels of NFL competition. The most impressive list of records that he holds may be for the Super Bowl alone, where he stands far above any other player in NFL history. Here is a complete list of all the Super Bowl records held by Tom Brady.

Tom Brady's Super Bowl records

Tom Brady with the Vince Lombardi Trophy
Tom Brady with the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Super Bowl appearances and wins

Brady appeared in ten Super Bowls in his career and won seven of them. Both of those totals are NFL records. One of the victories was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the rest were with the New England Patriots. At 43 years old, he was the oldest player ever to appear in a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl MVPs

Brady has won five Super Bowl MVP awards, the most of all time. Joe Montana won three, while Eli Manning, Bart Starr and Terry Bradshaw each won two of them. No other player in NFL history has won more than one.

Passing statistics

Tom Brady holds the Super Bowl record for just about every cumulative passing statistic of all time. The list includes his 421 passing attempts, 277 completions, 21 touchdown passes and 3,039 passing yards. He twice completed 48 passes without throwing an interception. No other quarterback has done that once.

Brady is also the only quarterback in Super Bowl history to eclipse 500 passing yards in a single game. He recorded 505 passing yards against the Philadelphia Eagles, the most of all time. He also owns the second-highest single-game passing total in Super Bowl history, throwing for 466 yards against the Atlanta Falcons.

Longest touchdown drive

In Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants, Brady led the Patriots on a 96-yard touchdown drive. It's tied for the longest touchdown drive ever in any Super Bowl.

Biggest comeback

One of the greatest performances of Tom Brady's legendary career came in Super Bowl LI when his New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons. It's one of the most famous games in NFL history and a career defining moment for Brady.

The Patriots trailed the Falcons 28-3 late in the third quarter before Brady turned things around. He was nearly perfect for the remainder of the game, leading the Patriots to the greatest comeback victory of all time. This was also the only Super Bowl to ever go to overtime.

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