"You said if I come back then you’ll come back" - Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman tease coming out of retirement 

Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman tease comebacks on Twitter
Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman tease comebacks on Twitter

Rob Gronkowski officially announced his retirement (for the second time) earlier this year. This happened just about a year after his former New England Patriots teammate Julian Edelman did so.

The duo, who were an integral part of the Patriots' dynasty run, both seem to be happy with retirement. But that hasn't stopped either of them from trolling the other about a possible comeback.

Julian Edelman recently tweeted a photo of himself at a New England Patriots practice. With a football in hand, Edelman's caption then teased a possible comeback.

"Brought my cleats to the desert just in case…" via@Edelman11

While the tweet garnered thousands of likes, it also got the attention of his former teammate Rob Gronkowski. Gronk tweeted encouraged his former teammate to lace the old cleats back up.

"Do it Jules!! Make a comeback!!" -via @RobGronkowski

He wasted no time in responding to his former teammate. He said that if he came out of retirement that Gronk promised that he would, too.

"You said if I come back…. Then you’ll come back…" via @Edelman11

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It's highly unlikely the two former teammates will end their respective retirements. Following his retirement, Rob Gronkowski has stayed busy. He has filmed commercials. He has also hosted his first episode of his alternate UFC broadcast on ESPN2 this past weekend with his brothers.


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Would WR Julian Edelman return to football?

Julian Edelman was asked several times last season if he was happy with his decision to retire from the National Football League. He reiterated time and again that he was, in fact, happy with that decision. But over the past few months, it seems he may have changed his opinion on that.


The 36-year-old wide receiver told Rich Eisen on his morning show that he actually misses playing in the NFL more this season than he did last season.

“I miss it more this year than I did last year. I miss waking up in August, going to the field and smelling the fresh-cut grass, seeing the sprinklers just finished. Seeing our equipment guys just finishing setting all the stuff out. The locker room. The fellas. The competition."
“Now, being in my second year out, I can actually miss it because last year it was still ingrained in my head. That last year was rough. Football is not fun when you’re bruised — when you feel like (expletive).”- Julian Edelman on retirement

He then continued by telling Eisen that, while he would consider taking the field again, he would most likely want to join a team that is still in contention and ready for a playoff run, later in the season. Saying that he didn't particularly care for the beginning of the season grind.

“I’ll tell you right now, if I had three weeks, three, maybe four weeks — beginning of the season, absolutely not. But if there’s a team vying for a playoff run, guy goes down. Could I get ready? I probably could. … You can never say never."

So, one could imagine that, if a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady or perhaps his old coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots called, that he may be enticed to put the cleats back on.

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