Electabuzz Pokémon

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Making its first appearance via the first generation of Pokemon, Electabuzz was one of the more popular electric types, outside everyone’s favorite of course. It’s unique look and patterning made them a must have when the first game came out and with the right move-set an Electabuzz can still be a powerful ally to have.


About Electabuzz

First appearance in animeIn the Pokémon episode: ‘Showdown at Dark City’
First appearance in gameRed and Blue
Region Kanto
Evolution Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
Pokedex EntryMany power plants keep Ground-type Pokémon around as a defense against Electabuzz that come seeking electricity. With the coming of a storm, many of these Pokémon will gather under tall trees and sit there waiting for lightning to strike.

Electabuzz Base stats

Sp. Attack96
Ap. Defense85


Electabuzz Appearance

Electabuzz is one of those Pokemon that is instantly recognizable with a simple yet effective color palette and look. It has a mostly yellow body with black stripes that look like lightning bolts across its body. Not only that, Electabuzz has two antenne, fangs and a tail that is the same colour palette as it’s body.


Electabuzz is constantly leaking more energy than it consumes and thus it has to refuel constantly. In the wild they can be seen joined together in a circle when a thunderstorm is near. However in a city, they outright replace lightning rods as being struck does no damage to them whatsoever. For unknown reasons, they despise the color red and are easily enraged by it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

With high stats in the special attack and defense range, that’s what you’ll want to prioritize in battle. Plus with its highest stat being speed, Electabuzz will almost always be the first to make a move when a turn starts and that gives you an advantage. However, it is paired with a weak defense and thus a well placed move from a Ground type Pokemon can do serious damage to it. However, Electabuzz excels in battles against Flying and Water types.

Shiny Electabuzz

Shiny Electabuzz

With it hard to find in the wild, a Shiny Electabuzz is a tricky Pokemon to track down. The main difference between a normal and Shiny Electabuzz is that it’s fur colour changes from yellow to orange. Other than that, the colour palette remains the same. To get a Shiny Electabuzz, you’ll have to find one in the wild or hatch one from an egg. But if that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to find someone willing to trade one.

Best moveset for Electabuzz

ThunderboltVolt Switch
Focus BlastHidden Power Ice

This moveset emphasizes having an escape route when things get icy for Electabuzz. Thunderbolt has the ability to paralyze opponent pokemon while Focus Blast has a chance to lower Special Defense. Hidden Power Ice is a good finishing move while Volt Switch swaps out Electabuzz when the move makes contact with an opponent, perfect for when facing an opponent that Electabuzz is weak against.

How to catch Electabuzz in Pokemon Go?

The best way to get an Electabuzz in Pokemon Go is to simply evolve it’s pre evolution: Elekid. There are Electabuzz out there in the wild, and in raid battles, but they’re few and far with an Elekid far more common. Thus your best move would be to catch them, trade them for candy, and then evolve one into Electabuzz.


  1. They can cause power outages by draining transformers
  2. Electabuzz hates the color red
  3. Electabuzz sometimes has six fingers instead of five


Q. Is Electabuzz a Legendary Pokemon?

No, Electabuzz is not a Legendary Pokemon.

Q. What is Electabuzz' weakness?

Pokemon with Ground moves have the ability to easily knock Electabuzz out of battle.

Q. What is Electabuzz’ Hidden Ability?

Electabuzz’ hidden ability is Yawn, meaning they are immune to the effects of Sleep and Yawn but on the other hand, they cannot use the move Rest.


Powerful, versatile, and, most importantly, very cool looking, these factors made Electabuzz a fan favorite in the first generation. But while, with time, his popularity has faded, this Pokemon can still pack a serious punch with the right moveset and be a valuable option in your party.