Deepungsu Pandit

Deepungsu works 6 days a week, plays football on weekends, but thinks about the beautiful game every minute of the day. He has been writing for over a decade and began his association with Sportskeeda in July, 2018. Since then, Deepungsu has been consistently writing about football, which includes historical pieces, player analysis, post-match analysis, match previews, news pieces as well as transfer articles.
Deepungsu hails from Malbazar, a cozy town nestled at the northern parts of West Bengal, India and is a Postgraduate in Microbiology, with an MBA degree in Total Quality Management. During his amateur playing days, he was a Central Attacking Midfielder with a proclivity for the backheel. Right now, though, he likes to operate as a Regista.
Even though he covers clubs and players across the top leagues in Europe, Deepungsu has a soft corner in his heart for Manchester United, the club he has been following for 2 decades, and Lionel Messi, who he believes is the G. O. A. T.
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