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6 Wrestling rumors we hope are true and 6 we hope aren't: Royal Rumble winners possibly revealed, Big backstage problem for WrestleMania 36?

Rohit Nath
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Published Jan 05, 2020
Jan 05, 2020 IST

An interesting week in the world of wrestling
An interesting week in the world of wrestling

Welcome to the new year and the new decade! Today we bring to you the first edition of "Wrestling rumors we hope are true and those we hope aren't" of the new year and this week, things have been interesting.

Things are changing big time in the world of wrestling. As of this writing, we're coming off an incredible couple of days of Wrestle Kingdom where Tetsuya Naito became a double-champion in what was one of the finest pieces of long-term storytelling this past decade. NJPW continues to deliver every year despite losing some of their biggest stars.

AEW has been gaining momentum, as has WWE with some interesting stories and matches. What we do know for sure is that the coming year and decade are going to present something fresh and new - ushering an entirely different era of wrestling, which is something that we've all craved for a long time.

Without going much further, welcome to the first edition of the series this decade!

#6 Hope isn't true: WrestleMania 36 card still up in the air?

Roman Reigns during the WrestleMania 36 announcement
Roman Reigns during the WrestleMania 36 announcement

WrestleMania season begins late this month and it's the most exciting time of the year. Unfortunately, it seems as though there's a bit of uncertainty concerning this year's card. According to WrestleVotes, there's a bit of backstage trouble with regards to the show of shows as the card hasn't been fully decided upon yet. They tweeted:

We hope this isn't true because if things aren't mapped out for WrestleMania by January, it's a matter to be concerned about. We understand that plans can change, but if WWE doesn't have a rough blueprint for the biggest show of the year, it may not turn out to be as good as expected.

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