"Holy s*** I didn't expect that" - 6 real-life WWE rivals who have since buried the hatchet

John Cena (left) and WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels with Bret Hart (right)
John Cena (left) and WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels with Bret Hart (right)

Several former and current WWE Superstars who were once real-life rivals have buried the hatchet.

Many WWE Superstars have developed close friendships while working in Vince McMahon's company. For example, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville became best friends after meeting during their participation in Tough Enough in 2015.

Meanwhile, there has also been beef between some wrestlers. A few of these superstars remain rivals to this day, such as Riddle and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Others, however, have already buried the hatchet with their former real-life enemies.

Here are six real-life WWE rivals who have since buried the hatchet.

#6. Seth Rollins and Riddle

Seth Rollins initially did not want to work with Riddle
Seth Rollins initially did not want to work with Riddle

In 2019, Riddle's ex-wife, Lisa, criticized Becky Lynch's body shape. Although Lisa later deleted her post, it created heat between Lynch's husband, Seth Rollins, and her ex-husband. After the incident, The Visionary stated that he was not interested in facing Riddle at any point in his career.

In an interview with talkSport, The Original Bro spoke about his heat with Rollins, revealing that he did not think they would ever be best friends.

"I'll be honest, I've met Seth multiple times and he's met me and I don't think we'll ever be best friends [laughs]. I don't think we like one another, we're just two different people. [Although] we both love wrestling. I know my significant other said something about Becky that they didn't like and I also did not like or agree with. Seth didn't like me after that and I don't think Becky liked me or my wife either, which is understandable. It is what it is," he said.

However, Riddle also disclosed in the same interview that he and Rollins had buried the hatchet. The two WWE Superstars spoke backstage at the 2020 Survivor Series premium live event after Rollins avoided facing Riddle in the men's Survivor Series elimination match.

"After Survivor Series… I tried to talk to Seth beforehand but he kind of avoided me and he did bow out early [in the match]. (...) After Survivor Series, because he was there I got to talk to him (...) We talked. I told him – and this is exactly what I said – I said 'Hey man, what was said, I don't agree with it. I thought it was bullcrap. It's not cool. I just want you to know I apologize, I apologize on her behalf as well. On top of that I think you're a great performer and if you would ever have it in your heart to work with me, I would love that. (...) And he literally looked at me and he goes 'Holy s***. I didn't expect that. Everything I hear from people and what I expected… that was really cool. Thank you.' And that’s where we ended it," Riddle added.

Over the past two years, The Original Bro and The Visionary have faced each other many times. They recently battled in a Street Fight Match at a WWE live event.

#5. WWE Hall of Famers Kevin Nash and Goldberg

Kevin Nash and Goldberg worked together in WCW and WWE
Kevin Nash and Goldberg worked together in WCW and WWE

Between 1996 and 2001, Kevin Nash and Goldberg shared the WCW locker room. Nash was even the one who ended Goldberg's undefeated streak at Starcade in 1998. Since then, the two wrestlers have had a rocky relationship.

According to Nash, Goldberg started a rumor that the 63-year-old had booked himself to end his streak. In an interview with Dr. Beau Hightower, Big Daddy Cool denied the accusation.

"I did not book myself to win the match. (...) I think Bill put it in his book. So I tell people all the time, they say, 'But, you booked yourself to beat him. So I said, 'So... I booked myself to beat him, then turned around six days later, did the finger poke of doom... like that was my creation?' That was my idea?,"Nash said.

After years of being real-life rivals, Nash recently disclosed that he and Goldberg have finally buried the hatchet.

"I think it's the fact that he knew that at 63 years old as I am right now that I would look exactly like Ed Harris on Westworld. But God I've got some f***ing lines on my face. No, I just put it this way If Bill didn't want me to powerbomb him he would have just f***ing dead-sacked my ass. That son of a b**ch if you've ever seen me – ever watch that powerbomb he took that thing like a pro man. Yeah, I mean, he did. So at this point in my life, I have nothing but love for Bill," he explained on his Kliq This podcast. [H/T: Inside The Ropes]

Nash announced his retirement from in-ring competition in 2020. Meanwhile, Goldberg is now a free agent after his WWE contract expired earlier this year.

#4. WWE EVP Triple H and Chris Jericho

During his time in WWE, Chris Jericho has had some heat with a few of his co-workers, including Triple H. The Demo God previously disclosed that he and The Game disliked each other for several years.

In an interview with Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Jericho spoke about his relationship with Triple H during his early days in Vince McMahon's company.

"There were some people that just didn't want me there because I was a WCW guy, not realizing [that he ultimately wanted to work for WWE]. I talked to Triple H about this on Talk Is Jericho. We hated each other for years and we don't even really know why now, but at the time it was, like, 'This guy’s a piece of s***,'" he said.

Despite this, Triple H and Jericho have now become friends. In an interview on Rich Eisen Show, the former world champion stated that he and The Game now wonder why they hated each other in the past.

"You fast forward five to six years. You're older and wiser and think back why did we have so many problems? Why did we not like each other? Now we're friends, and I think there's lot of professional rivalry when you are young and full of vim and vigor, as they say," Jericho explained. [H/T: Essentially Sports]

Triple H and Jericho have shared the ring many times while working together in WWE. Their last one-on-one match came in 2009, which The King of Kings won.

#3. Kristal Marshall and Melina

Kristal Marshall thought Melina was rude
Kristal Marshall thought Melina was rude

After participating in the RAW Diva Search competition in 2005, Kristal Marshall signed with Vince McMahon's company. During her time in WWE, she shared the locker room with several other women, including Melina.

In an interview with Noonan Speaks in 2018, Marshall revealed that she did not get along with Melina. The 38-year-old admitted that she did not like the former Women's Champion and thought she was rude.

"When I was there, I didn't like her. I thought she was really rude. I felt like she thought she was better than anybody else," Marshall explained. [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

However, Marshall and Melina later buried the hatchet. The former Diva Search contestant disclosed that she changed her opinion about the 43-year-old after she had the chance to talk to her more.

"Now that I've kind of seen her here and there through the years, kind of got the chance to talk to her a little bit more, and I'm starting to get the feeling that that's not the whole version of Melina that we were exposed to during that time. And, in all fairness, looking back, I think she was probably incredibly shy. (...) Melina was at the top of her game and she was that b***h, so I feel like there was a lot of animosity from other girls towards her (...) But now, it's like I see her in passing and it's like, 'hi, how are you?' and she's so sweet and she's endearing, and very sensitive, and some wonderful things there, so I don't know. Maybe she [has] changed or whatever. But I do kind of wish that I took the time or I could've gotten to know this Melina," Marshall added.

Although Marshall and Melina have never faced each other one-on-one, they have shared the ring a few times in tag team matches and Battle Royals.

#2. John Cena and The Rock

After a legendary career in WWE, during which he won several world titles, The Rock moved to Hollywood to become a mega-star. However, his decision did not sit well with some of his former co-workers.

In 2009, John Cena heavily criticized The Great One for that move, claiming that The Rock's actions had cheapened the credibility of future WWE stars.

"The truth is that Dwayne Johnson is a great actor and I think always wanted to be an actor, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's like an athlete saying, 'Hey, I don't do drugs,' and then getting busted for drugs. Here's a guy who said he was WWE through and through, and then the first chance to take a road to a different career path, he took it. (...) It just cheapens that phrase, 'Oh, I love this business.' So then next time I come up and say I love this business, well, the guy before me who said that left. That doesn't look good for me or our business," Cena said. [H/T: Bleacher Report]

Cena's comments created real-life animosity between him and The Rock. WWE later turned their real-life heat into a storyline as they squared off twice at WrestleMania 28 and 29.

After Cena also started pursuing a career in Hollywood, the Leader of the Cenation apologized to The Rock for his previous comments. The Great One also revealed in an interview with ESPN that he and Cena have buried the hatchet and have become good friends.

"John and I had a real different relationship back then, and it was fire, just in terms of... I did not like him, and he did not like me, and it was legitimate. But, since then, we've become really, really good buddies," The Rock said. [H/T: Inquisitr]

The Rock is currently one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors. Meanwhile, Cena is one of the fastest-rising stars in the movie industry.

#1. WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart disliked each other for many years
Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart disliked each other for many years

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart shared the WWE locker room for nearly a decade. While working together in Vince McMahon's company, the two superstars had a heated rivalry on-screen. They also disliked each other in real life.

Hart and Michaels once had a real fight backstage after HBK suggested on television that The Hitman was having an affair with Sunny. The Canadian wrestling legend disclosed the details of his backstage brawl with Michaels in his autobiography "Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling."

"Shawn strode past me into the dressing room. He was bent over fixing his boots when I marched straight up to him. I pushed him to his feet. 'You got something to say to me?' He flicked a weak punch at me and missed. Balancing awkwardly on my good leg, I popped him on the chin, rocking him on his heels. He came for me, so I grabbed him by his long mane and pretended I was doing a hammer throw at the Olympics. I was dragging him around the room when a hysterical Pat and a frantic Lawler ran in and jumped on top of me," Hart wrote. "Unable to pry me off, Pat shouted for the other wrestlers to help, but Davey and Crush had no intention of saving Shawn. It was nothing but a scritch-fight really, but when we were finally separated, clumps of Shawn’s precious hair fell from my hands. I blasted him: “Don't f**k with me or my family, you little f**ker,'" he added.

After the Montreal Screwjob incident, in which Michaels participated, Hart left WWE in 1997. About thirteen years later, The Hitman finally returned to WWE, appearing on Monday Night RAW. After confronting Michaels about his role in the Montreal Screwjob incident, the two agreed on a truce, shook hands, and hugged.

In a recent episode of WWE Rivals, Michaels and Hart seemed to have completely buried the hatchet. During the show, they admitted that they both made mistakes in the past.

"We are not best friends, but he's always nice about reaching out on a birthday or a wedding anniversary (...) We just had a great conversation about being dads and he was really a joy to be around," Michaels said. [14:15 - 14:44]

Hart currently has a legends contract with WWE. Meanwhile, Michaels is now Vice President of Talent Development for NXT 2.0 and NXT UK.

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