NBA 2K22: Best jump shots available and how to create your own custom jump shot

Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are two of the most popular jump shot animations in NBA 2K22
Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are two of the most popular jump shot animations in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has added a range of player animations, features and other upgrades in mechanics compared to previous editions of the game. The MyCareer mode allows gamers to enjoy an authentic NBA career starting from college basketball, with a range of customizations available to be added in the game.

NBA 2K22 has a range of real-life jump shot animations that gamers can add to their custom players. Among the most popular are the likes of Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving, with the quickness of release one of the most important aspects that players need to consider.

While choosing one over the other might be a difficult proposition, the in-game Jump Shot creator even allows players to create their own shooting style animations that can then be added to the MyCareer mode. In this article, we look at everything you need to know about jump shots in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22: Everything you need to know about jump shots in the game

First and foremost, the overall success rate of shots in the MyCareer mode will depend only upon the shooting stats of the custom player. Some jump shots are preferred over others due to a quickness of release. On the other hand, more time-consuming animations might suit other gamers, with respect to their overall game style and the type of shots they attempt.

More seasoned NBA 2K22 gamers might be tempted to create their own jump shots, which can be time-consuming and generally require players to try more of a hit-and-miss approach. Some default animations such as the Jump Shot 98 and Jump Shot 38 are two of the most efficient animations available in the game, with the custom player’s shooting badges and statistics also playing a big role in the kind of jump shot that most suits the gamer.

In order to create custom jump shots, gamers need to select the Jump Shot creator tool in MyPlayer. A range of statistics such as base style, release speed and animation blending can be customized according to the gamer’s playing style. While a quick release is important, this will also give players less time to hit the green zone to shoot more accurately.

Therefore, a balance between accuracy and quickness in release appears to be the most important aspect to consider while choosing the perfect jump shot for your player in NBA 2K22. If you are not an expert shooter, going with a custom jump shot with a slower release might allow you to take more accurate shots.

The Stephen Curry jump shot animation is more suited for players who plan to shoot from distance often.
The Stephen Curry jump shot animation is more suited for players who plan to shoot from distance often.

Finally, beginners might be tempted to choose one of the default animations available, with the likes of Ray Allen, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Paul George being some of the most popular ones in recent NBA 2K games. Hence, release time might be important for gamers who tend to take quick shots on transition. But players looking to take jumpers and 3-pointers might be tempted to go for a slower animation that allows them to take more efficient shots.

Apart from the overall mechanics explained above, jump shots can also be improved in NBA 2K22's MyCareer mode by acquiring a jump shot or a skill boost from the Boost shop. Sometimes, players may run out of stamina and struggle to convert jump shots, especially late in games. Purchasing Gatorade Packs from the Gatorade facility area can provide those crucial boosts, allowing your custom player to be at his best during the most critical moments in NBA 2K22.

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