NBA 2K23 exclusive PlayStation MyTeam challenges revealed: Here is what we know

NBA 2K23 will be released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 will be released on September 9th.

With only a couple of weeks left before the launch of NBA 2K23, a plethora of information about the game has already been released.

NBA 2K23 will pay tribute to Michael Jordan and his #23 jersey and will have a host of gameplay enhancements. The franchise mode has undergone a total revamp and will be replaced by the MyNBA Eras mode. At the same time, not much information has been released about the actual challenges that will be part of NBA 2K23.

PS5 users were able to compete in various exclusive season-based challenges as part of the MyTeam mode in NBA 2K22. This year, Sony has released a list of challenges for PS5 gamers. The challenges will follow a similar format as last year but will be Michael Jordan-themed.

Sony reveals exclusive NBA 2K23 MyTeam Challenges

Sony has revealed a total of 9 exclusive challenges based on Michael Jordan’s career. Each challenge will fetch gamers an exclusive Diamond Shoe Colorway, 5 Shoe Boosts, and a Gold Badge. The nine challenges will therefore bring a total of 63 reward cards. The challenges will be available to play for the entire duration of NBA 2K23 and integrated with specific activity cards.

The following nine challenges have been announced:

Season 1: Rookie of the Year

After assembling a lineup, gamers will face the 1985 Chicago Bulls team and score 50 points.

Season 2: The All-Star Dunker

The second challenge will involve facing the 1988 Eastern Conference All-Star team. Michael Jordan won the 1988 slam-dunk competition, his second straight win. Throwing down 10 dunks will complete the challenge.

Season 3: Defense Wins Championships

The player will need to block five shots to complete the challenge. They will face the 1991 NBA Finals Chicago Bulls team.

Season 4: Win as a Team

The Season 4 challenge will involve playing against the 1992 Chicago Bulls team. Gamers must dish out 10 assists for their teammates to complete the challenge.

Season 5: Three-Peat Triples

To complete this challenge, gamers must hit five 3s against the 1993 Chicago Bulls team in the MyTeam mode.

Season 6: Flying Air Jordan

Scoring ten dunks in the 1996 All-Star game will allow gamers to complete this challenge.

Season 7: Face the 72-Win Bulls

The Chicago Bulls won 72 games in the regular season of 1996-97. Gamers will have to score 72 points against this team.

Season 8: Behind the Arc Range

Draining 10 3-pointers will help gamers complete this challenge.

Season 9: The G.O.A.T’s Final Challenge

Scoring 45 points against the 1998 Chicago Bulls will allow gamers to complete the final challenge. Michael Jordan scored 45 points in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

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