Bones Hyland takes jibe at Taylor Swift's boyfriend for deleting post on Jesus

Bones Hyland took a jibe at Taylor Swift
Bones Hyland took a jibe at Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce for deleting post on Jesus

Bones Hyland didn’t like the Jesus joke that NFL star and pop singer Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce made on X in 2010. Although Kelce tweeted Easter greetings, his joke alluding to Jesus Christ's death didn't sit well with everyone.

“Happy easter to all!!! #shoutout to Jesus for taking one for the team…. haha.”

Kelce later deleted his post, which received massive backlash, but social media geeks kept the receipts. X user Dom Lucre posted the deleted tweet from the defending Super Bowl champion, and Hyland reacted by taking a jibe at Kelce.

“Smh corny,” Hyland tweeted.

Kelce is not new to controversies, from his college football to his NFL career. In 2014, he got into trouble for his obscene hand gesture during a game against the Denver Broncos. He also tested positive for marijuana while at the University of Cincinnati, which resulted in a one-year suspension after his redshirt freshman season.

On his "New Heights" podcast, Kelce told his brother, Jason Kelce, that he used to use his account as a diary and said that his posts were without any seriousness when he started on X. Kelce also has a history of controversial tweets. He called cheerleaders "ugly" on his Twitter. He also called Clippers cheerleaders "shitty girls."

Bones Hyland, who is in his fourth year in the NBA, is playing for the LA Clippers. He follows the Christian faith.

As for Kelce, he has been closely followed by media and fans from all fields, from the music industry to sports. Given the amount of attention he has on him, it is difficult to duck the media and other lights that follow him.

Bones Hyland gives a hilarious take on In-Season Tournament

The 2023-24 season saw the In-Season Tournament being introduced in the NBA. In the beginning, the idea did not garner much enthusiasm from not just fans but also from the players. However, one of the more surprising factors amid all this was the confusion among players.

How the In-Season Tournament games were going to count into regular-season games was confusing to many players. However, it was Bones Hyland, who had the best reaction to it.

After a workout session in November, when asked if the In-Season Tournament added any excitement for him, Hyland expressed his confusion.

“I am not even gonna lie," Hyland said. "I don't even know what's going on. … I don't even know how it works. I don't know anything honestly. I am just looking at the schedule. I see on the schedule sheet, like, a trophy next to one of the games. … I feel like (the) trophy is supposed to be in July. … I am just trying to win the games. That's all.”

Perhaps, there were other players who didn't fully understand how the In-Season Tournament was going to work. However, the tournament garnered a lot of fans' attention in the knockout rounds.

The atmosphere was like the NBA postseason, and on top of that the $500,000 prize brought competition to the season. LeBron James and the Lakers won the In-Season Tournament by defeating Indiana Pacers in the final.

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