Highest Total Chased In World Cups

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If we sum up or keep a track on the highest and lowest records of World cup, there are many records to be kept. So, when it comes to chasing, Ireland tops the list. Even if that be the record of some years back still, Ireland is glued to that position. Ireland tops the list of Highest Total Chased in the World Cup. We have listed some of the very interesting and breathe holding matches of Cricket World Cup. In this article, we have considered the teams that have a commendable record of chasing in World Cups.

List of All Time Highest Total Chased in World Cups

Ireland329/7v England497Bengaluru2 Mar 2011
Bangladesh322/3v West Indies418Taunton17 Jun 2019
Bangladesh322/4v Scotland487Nelson5 Mar 2015
Sri Lanka313/7v Zimbabwe496New Plymouth23 Feb 1992
Sri Lanka312/1v England477Wellington1 Mar 2015
Ireland307/4v Netherlands476Kolkata18 Mar 2011
Ireland307/6v West Indies467Nelson16 Feb 2015
England301/9v West Indies506Bridgetown21 Apr 2007
South Africa300/7v India496Nagpur12 Mar 2011
New Zealand299/6v South Africa437Auckland24 Mar 2015
England296/4v Netherlands486Nagpur22 Feb 2011

The match took place between Ireland and England on 2 March 2011 in which Ireland has a speculative victory in the ground of Bangalore. With a score of 329/7, Ireland beat England in 49.1 overs. Ireland had a run rate of 6.69 and with this, it chased a score of 329 that set a record in the history of the Cricket World Cup.

Bangladesh takes the second position in the table after defeating West Indies recently chasing a mammoth of 322 in just 41.3 overs. Winning the toss, Bangladesh made a good decision by chasing. Shakib Al Hassan brilliant century brought them a comfortable victory.

Bangladesh has also made third position of this list. Bangladesh outstripped Scotland with a score of 322/4 which took place in the ground of Nelson on 5 March 2015. With a run rate of 6.68 per over, Bangladesh won the match against Scotland by 6 wickets after winning the toss. However, this wasn't a good match as both the teams were weak.

In the list of highest total chased in the World Cup, the 4th position is taken by Sri Lanka. In the 1992 World Cup that took place on 23 February 1992, Sri Lanka won the match against Zimbabwe by 3 wickets. Zimbabwe scored 312/4 whereas Sri Lanka made a winning score of 313/7. The match took place at New Plymouth where Sri Lanka made this record in 49.2 overs at a run rate of 6.34. Sri Lanka also has a second mention in this list, this time against a strong team, England. The match took place on 1 March 2015 and Sri Lanka scored 312/7 to mark a victory in 47.2 overs.

These were the top 5 teams that made its position in the list of Top Highest Chased in Cricket World Cup. Indeed the score of Ireland is a tough one to beat but not an impossible one. World cups are getting more interested with growing enthusiasm of teams year by year. Cricket is waiting for more teams to beat this score and make a record in its history.

England v Ireland: Group B - 2011 ICC World Cup

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