Most number of Cricket World Cup wins

Last Modified Jul 15, 2019 12:57 IST

The ICC Cricket World Cup is on the way and fans all around the world are excited for the cricket tournament of the year. Ever since the tournament's inception in 1975, the ICC Cricket World Cup has been regarded as the most sacred title in cricket.

Below is the list of most number of Cricket World Cup wins -

Highest Number of World Cup Wins

No. Of WinsWinnerYear
5Australia1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015
2India1983, 2011
2West Indies1975, 1979
1Sri Lanka1996

Over the last 44 years, the ICC Cricket World Cup has been organized for a total of 12 times. The West Indies Cricket Team, winning the first ever ICC Cricket World Cup in 1975 will forever remain etched in the history of cricket. And when they went on to repeat the feat again in 1979, the entire cricketing world bowed down to their supremacy. India's upset of the West Indies in 1983 was something no one could have imagined. In 2003 Australia won their third World Cup title, becoming the team with the most number of World Cup wins.

And in 2011, when the Indian Cricket Team, won the World Cup once again after 28 years, it was a moment too emotional for Indian Cricket fans all around the world.

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, which was won by Australia and increased their World Cup tally to 5.

The last ICC Cricket World Cup was held in 2019, hosted by England. England won the last World Cup and finally won their very first World Cup and entered the list.

Australia v New Zealand - 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup: Final