RCB 2022 Owner

Last Modified Mar 29, 2022 12:36 IST

The Royal Challengers Bangalore Owner for IPL 2022 season is United Spirits with the net worth of ₹676 crores.

United Spirits Limited2008-2021

The Royal Challengers Bangalore or as it is popularly known as, RCB, is a franchise cricket team which participates in the Indian Premier League a.k.a. the IPL. As the franchise's name suggests, RCB is based in Bangalore. RCB was one of the original eight teams which participated in the inaugural IPL season in 2008. RCB was founded by United Spirits, which is an Indian alcoholic beverage company. In fact RCB was named after the company's brand Royal Challenge.

Who is the RCB 2022 Owner?

Royal Challengers Bangalore owner in 2022 is United Spirits Limited. The United Spirits Limited is the biggest Indian alcoholic beverage company and the second largest in the world by volume.

It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Mahendra Kumar Sharma is the current Chairman of USL and Anand Kripalu acts as its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. The United Spirits Limited is a subsidiary of Diageo which is a British multinational beverage alcohol company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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Net Worth of RCB in IPL 2022 - USD 98 Million

According to reports, the net worth of the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise is USD 98 million, which equals to almost INR 676 crore.

Although the Royal Challengers Bangalore have not won the IPL trophy yet, they are among the most valued franchises because of the brand they have built with their game and players. Also, they have built a loyal fanbase.

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