Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish footballer. He has been a part of various big clubs in Europe. Currently, Zlatan is a striker at AC Milan, Serie A club. He also represents the Swedish National Team. He has always been very outspoken about any given topic.

Zlatan is currently one of the most decorated strikers in the world of football regardless of being 39 today. Time and again he has proved that age is just a number. Flexibility, reach, positioning has been the key attributes of his game. Zlatan’s wife's name is Helena Seger who is a successful business woman.

Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Wife, Helena Seger?

She comes from a family of five. Her mother is Margareta Seger and her dad is Ingemar Seger. She also has a younger sister named Karin and a younger brother who is called Henrik.

Helena Seger can be said to be one of those people who are just diligent, hardworking, and doing well for themselves in the background. She is making money on a “low-key” like it is said in the local parlance in this part of the world. She is a very successful businesswoman.

Helena Seger studied Pattern Design and Fabric Embroidery. She also holds a degree in Economics.

How old is Zlatan's Wife, Helena Seger?

Helena Seger was born on 25th August 1970 in Lindesberg, Sweden. She is currently 50 years old.

As she was born on the 25th of August her sun sign is Virgo. Being a Virgo means she is faithful, patient, and responsible.

How did Helena Seger and Zlatan meet?

The couple first met each other in 2002. The first meeting between Helena Seger and Zlatan was in 2002. But it was really a coincidence. They bumped into each other in a car park in Malmö.

“When we met, he had double-parked his Ferrari next to my Merca. I was in a bad mood and hissed him to move the car. I think he was triggered by my attitude.” Helena Seger has previously told Elle magazine.

The meeting came to change Helena’s life forever. Helena rejected his advances because she wasn’t impressed with Zlatan’s traditional outspoken and “larger than life” character traits. However, she later discovered he is a charming and unique character.

Helena Seger is 11 years older than her husband and they have been together for 18 years with two boys, Maximilian and Vincent.

How much is Helena Seger's net worth?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wife Helena Seger started working at a very tender age. She is an independent and prosperous businesswoman.

She has worked with multinational brands in Sweden. She is also an actress. She has featured as Annika in hit children shows Solstollarna and its spin-off Cosmoz.

Her net worth is approximately $130 million.

Facts About Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Partner

  1. She knows how to tame Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former Swedish striker once said his wife didn’t allow him to hang his picture on the wall at home. He said this in an interview with BBC Radio 5. In his words; “My wife does not allow me to have pictures of myself. She says, ‘There is already enough talk of you and I don’t want to see you on the walls. It is enough that I see you in real life'."

  1. While working in the tobacco industry, Seger decided to broaden her knowledge scope by enrolling in programs in brand management, communication, and marketing. Before that and in between jobs, she also took fashion lessons in fabric embroidery and pattern design classes.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wife has the first letter of her name tattooed on her husband's body.

  1. The 1.65-meter tall, blonde and fearsomely clever lady has been dubbed the ‘Queen Bee of French WAGS’ by Swedish tabloids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Helena Sager from?

Helena Sager is from Lindesburg in Sweden. She met Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a car park in Malmo.

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic still married?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is married to Swedish businesswoman Helena Sager.

How old is Maximillian Ibrahimovic?

Zlatan's elder son Maximillian Ibrahimovic is 15 years old.

What religion is Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Zlatan was born to a Muslim father and a Catholic mother. He follows his mother's Catholic Christianity.