Madden 22 player ratings: Predicting 5 highest-rated Arizona Cardinals players

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

The player ratings are dropping soon for Madden 22 and the Arizona Cardinals could have several players with a rating of 90+.

The Cardinals had a 99 in WR DeAndre Hopkins, his second in the Madden franchise. JJ Watt signed during free-agency and is a three-time 99 rated player. LB Chandler Jones and FS Budda Baker ended the season in Madden 21 with 90+ ratings respectively.

New additions like RB James Conner and WR A.J. Green should help boost the team's overall rating when Madden 22 is released.

Will one of the breakout stars for Arizona get major ratings boost in Madden 22?

FS Budda Baker made himself a household name when he was chased down by WR DK Metcalf last year. He still ended the season with a 91 rating and could be on his way to the 99 Club in the future. QB Kyler Murray started with a 77 and jumped to an 82. With all the weapons on his offense, could Murray make it into the 90s himself? Here are the Cardinals' five best player ratings in Madden 22.

#5- QB Kyler Murray

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 77

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 82

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 85

Kyler Murray had a great season in 2020 but isn't quite worthy of a 90+ rating. He threw for 3,971 yards with 26 TDs and 12 INTs. He ran for 819 yards and an additional 11 TDs. With one of the elite WRs in the NFL at his disposal, Murray should top his career-best stats in 2021.

As an 85, he would have to completely ball out and be a Top-5 QB consistently to warrant a 90 at some point in Madden 22.

#4- LB Chandler Jones

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 95

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 94

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 93

Chandler Jones suffered a torn bicep that cut his season short after just five games. Still, he was the Defensive Player of the Year runner-up in 2019 with 19 sacks. He's still a great defender on the field but is 31 and should see his rating start to decline over the next few years.

He will still have an excellent 93 rating in Madden 22. If Jones can come back strong from his injury (and isn't traded), he could score double-digit sacks again and creep back up to a 94 rating.

#3- DE JJ Watt

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 98

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 95

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 92

Similar to Chandler Jones, JJ Watt is 32 and had a down year in 2020. His rating for Madden 22 is still a 92 and could be a brute again on the field. Could he reach double-digit sacks again? Possibly.

Watt can still disrupt the run game and at least put constant fear and pressure on opposing QBs. If he shows that his coverage abilities are still good, he could keep a 90+ rating through the entire season.

#2- FS Budda Baker

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 86

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 91

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 95

Budda Baker is becoming a talented safety in the NFL and scored his first two INTs in 2020. Baker had 118 total tackles, 2 sacks, and possesses elite speed. Everyone was buzzing when he was hunted by DK Metcalf down the sideline, getting tackled before scoring a 100-yard pick-six.

The 2020 Pro Bowler should still see a big speed rating that will add up to a 95 rating in Madden 22. If he improves off his 2020 season, Baker could be a 99 in Madden 23.

#1- WR DeAndre Hopkins

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 98

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 99

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 99

DeAndre Hopkins didn't begin Madden 21 with a 99 but quickly earned the best rating in the game by Week 10. He had 1,407 receiving yards, 6 TDs, and a career-best 71.9% catch rate. His 115 receptions tied for a career-high.

Hopkins earned a trip to the Pro Bowl and was named the 2nd-Team All-Pro. The Arizona Cardinals really won the trade for Hopkins by a landslide and are continuing to reap the benefits.

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Edited by Rohit Mishra