All About Growlithe Pokémon

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Growlithe is a cat-like Pokemon that is a Fire-type. It was introduced in Generation 1. Growlithe has a strong olfactory sense, and if it senses an unfamiliar smell in its area, it will leap into action. It also never forgets a scent.

Growlithe Pokemon

About Growlithe

First appearance in animeOriginal Series
First appearance in gameRed and Blue
Region Kanto
Evolution -->Arcanine
1st Evo levelExposed to fire stone
2nd Evo levelN/A
Pokedex EntryIt has a brave and trustworthy nature. It fearlessly stands up to bigger and stronger foes.

Growlithe Base stats


Appearance of Growlithe

Growlithe appears to be created in the image of a tiger. It has the same colors, orange, white and black, like a tiger and it has the chest of a tiger. The familiar stripes are also present on Growlithe. The fur on its chest, stomach, and muzzle is beige-colored. It has grey eyes and a black nose. Its front paws have two claws and its hind legs have three. Each paw has a brown pad underneath.

Behavior of Growlithe

Growlithe is an incredibly loyal Pokemon. It is known to fearlessly defend its trainer. In the anime, James has a Growlithe which he nicknamed Growlie. He left Growlie behind, but that didn’t affect the Pokemon’s loyalty to him. It will fiercely attempt to drive away any threat it senses. If no threat is present, Growlithe will motionlessly wait for its trainer's commands.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Growlithe is strong against Bug, Steel, Fire, Ice, Fairy, and Grass types. It receives half the normal damage when attacked by those Pokemon types. Growlithe is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water types and they do twice as much damage. Fire types are particularly good against Ice types and particularly weak to Water types.

Shiny Growlithe

The Shiny Growlithe’s main difference from the regular Growlithe is its color. The Shiny Growlithe has a much lighter tone. It’s as if the regular Growlithe was sun-bleached, making everything lighter while retaining the same base color. The Shiny Growlithe also evolves into Shiny Arcanine when exposed to firestone. The Shiny Growlithe shares the same type and other things as well, it is just an aesthetic difference.

Shiny Growlithe

Evolving Growlithe

Evolving Growlithe turns it into Arcanine. Evolving Growlithe is unlike evolving most Pokemon, as it requires no specific level or a trade. Rather, evolving Growlithe simply requires exposure to firestone. Other Pokemon use this stone to evolve as well. It can be purchased in various games and acquired in other ways as well. All Pokemon that evolve with this is in the Field Egg Group. Other Pokemon using this include Vulpix and Eevee.

Evolving Growlithe

Best moveset for Growlithe

Growlithe has some really strong moves and some that have good effects on the opposing Pokemon as well. Here are Growlithe’s best moves.

Flare BlitzBurn Up
Double EdgeThrash

How to catch Growlithe in Pokemon Go?

Growlithe can be found in residential areas, parks, and neighborhoods. It can also be found more commonly in dry or arid climates. Warmer temperatures give Growlithe a higher chance of spawning as well, so certain seasons will see more Growlithe than others. In Pokemon Go, it can be evolved to Arcanine at 50 candies, without needing any evolution stones.

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  1. The original name for Growlithe in the beta was Flamie.
  2. Growlithe shares a category with Yamper, Rockruff and Lillipup. These are considered the “Puppy Pokemon”. This is interesting since Growlithe so closely resembles a tiger.
  3. Growlithe has a 75% chance of being male, the only Pokemon with that percentage that is not in the Human-Like Egg Group.
  4. Growlithe is considered a parallel to Vulpix. While Growlithe is 75% male, Vulpix is 75% female. Both require the Fire Stone and can use the Flash Fire ability. They are exclusive to different games, so they can be considered mirrors of each other.
  5. Growlithe may be based on Japanese statues called shisa.
  6. Gardie, the Japanese name, may refer to its abilities as a guard dog, as a corruption of guard or guardian.


Q. What level does Growlithe evolve at?

Growlithe has no level requirement to evolve. It is one of four Pokemon that evolves using an evolution stone called the firestone. There was a level that was ideal for evolution in Pokemon: Sword and Shield, but it wasn’t a requirement.

Q. What’s better, Arcanine or Charizard?

Arcanine is the better fire type and is generally stronger than Charizard. However, Charizard has something Arcanine does not: the ability to fly. Arcanine has a better overall stat spread, though.

Q. Who can defeat Growlithe?

The five strongest Pokemon to defeat Growlithe are Kingler, Rampardos, Kyogre, Excadrill and Landorus (Therian).

Q. When should I evolve my Growlithe?

Growlithe can be evolved at any time with firestone, but waiting is a good idea since doing that too early can prevent it from learning some moves. Level 45 is listed as a good level to get to, as it will have learned Flare Blitz then. After it evolves, players can always go to Move Reminder for Growlithe.


Growlithe is a great Pokemon. From its immovable loyalty to its trainer to its incredibly well-rounded base stats, Growlithe is a good Pokemon to search for. Once evolved into Arcanine, Growlithe becomes even better, becoming one of the best Fire types in Pokemon. Evolving too early can prevent Growlithe from learning some moves, so while there is no evolution level requirement, it isn’t something that should be rushed into.