Malamar Pokémon

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Malamar is an interesting Pokemon. Not only because of its visual design but its dark/psychic typing is somewhat unique and plus it has one of the most interesting and strange methods of evolving. It's the only Pokemon which uses the orientation of the console in its evolution and even reflects this in its design being an upside-down squid.


About Malamar

First appearance in animeIn the Pokemon XY series episode ‘Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!’
First appearance in gameX and Y
Region Kalos
Evolution Inkay-->Malamar
1st Evo level30 with the game system held upside down
Pokedex EntryGazing at its luminescent spots will quickly induce a hypnotic state, putting the observer under Malamar's control. It's said that Malamar's hypnotic powers played a role in certain history-changing events.

Malamar’s Base Stats

Sp. Attack68
Sp. Defense75


Malamar Appearance

Malamar is clearly a squid but an upside down one, in reference to its evolution method. Its head is made up of purple tentacles with blue undersides and it also has long red and white tentacles acting as arms. Its body is clear and beneath it is a large dark purple lump with bright yellow markings across it.


Malamar is known to have hypnotic powers and will use them in order to get creatures to do its bidding. This ability is powerful and is often used by people for nefarious reasons. It however, doesn’t use this for its daily activities and instead captures its prey by flashing the yellow markings on its body to lure them in.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While dual typing is usually strong Malamar is, once again, a unique case. Its dual dark/psychic typing gives it zero resistances and a few weaknesses. It is immune to psychic type moves but is weak to fairy and bug type moves, taking double damage from the former and quadruple damage from the latter.

Shiny Malamar

Shiny Malamar

Shiny Malamar is the rare, recolored version of Malamar. In Shiny Malamar, both parts of its body are changed. The head of Shiny Malamar is now brown and mustard yellow and the body of Shiny Malamar is now a mixture of light and dark green.

Malamar Vmax

Malamar Vmax Card

Malamar Vmax is a card from the Pokemon Trading Card Game which acts as the Dynamaxed form of Malamar. Malamar Vmax is far more powerful, healthier and follows the card game’s VMAX rule. Malamar Vmax has one unique and powerful move, ‘Max Jammer.’

Best Movesets for Malamar

Movesets for Malamar

Moveset: Malamar staying on the field for as long as possible, makes it incredibly effective as a sweeper. With Leftovers, as a held item, and Rest, it can keep itself healthy for a very long time and combining Sleep Talk with a few other strong moves makes a sleeping Malamar an opponent to be feared.

Knock OffSleep Talk

How to Catch Malamar in Pokemon Go

Malamar is not in Pokemon Go yet, however there is data for it in the game. While it will probably be added, it's unclear if its evolution mechanic will be added with it. Though it is likely that holding your phone upside down might be a requirement for obtaining Malamar.




  1. Malamar’s hypnotic abilities may have been inspired by the vampire squid, which mesmerizes prey by flashing bioluminescent organs on its body.
  2. Malamar was the only Pokemon with a catch rate of 80 in every game up until Sun and Moon.
  3. Malamar’s unique evolution method may have only been added after X and Y because the 3DS was the first system that Pokemon appeared on with a gyroscope.


How good is Malamar?

Malamar is a good counter-pick for slow Pokemon or Pokemon who try to slow down their opponents. It also is effective as its Topsy Turvy ability helps counter stat boosting moves.

Does Team Rocket's Inkay evolve?

Team Rocket, in the XY series, has an Inkay, which they have had for a long time, but never evolves into Malamar.


Malamar is a unique Pokemon in many ways which hands it a rather unique role in teams. It may be difficult to use for those who don’t fully understand its quirks but Malamar is still capable of being an incredible fighter in the right hands.