Shaymin Pokémon

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Shaymin is one of those mythical Pokemon that doesn’t look like they possess mythical power. The little grass type hedgehog has a second form where its true powers and confidence are fully shown.


About Shaymin

First appearance in animeIn the Pokemon movie ‘Giratina and the Sky Warrior’
First appearance in gameDiamond and Pearl
Region Sinnoh
Evolution None
Pokedex EntryIt can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers. The blooming of Gracidea flowers confers the power of flight upon it. Feelings of gratitude are the message it delivers.

Shaymin’s Base Stats

Land Forme

Sp. Attack100
Sp. Defense100

Sky Forme

Sp. Attack120
Sp. Defense75


Shaymin is a small, white hedgehog-like Pokemon with grass growing from its back. It has two pink flowers blooming on the sides of its head as well as large leaves growing from the flowers.

Its Sky Forme is closer to a dog-like form as it has green legs and grass still sprouting from its head in a spiked tuft. It also has two large wing-like ears and has two pink petals sprouting from its shoulder that resemble a scarf.


Shaymin Appearance

Each year, Shymin migrates in what's called Flower Carrying and it leaves a trail of flowers on its journey with a new flower field growing wherever it lands. Its two formes have different personalities with the land forme being skittish and shy while the sky forme is far more confident.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Shaymin’s land forme is a pure grass type so it is resistant against ground, water, grass, and electric type moves and takes half damage from them. It is weak against flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice type moves and takes double damage from them.

Shymin's sky forme has an added flying type which changes its matchups slightly. It is no longer strong against electric type moves but takes quarter damage from grass type moves. It is also now immune to ground type moves but, however, is weaker to ice type moves and thus takes quadruple damage against them.

Shiny Shaymin

Shiny Shaymin

Shiny Shaymin is the rare, recolored form of Shaymin. Shiny Shaymin is very similar to its normal form although it does have a few changes. Shiny Shaymin is still white but the grass on its back is more washed out while the flowers on its head are a lighter pink.

Best Moveset for Shaymin

Shaymin Moveset

Offensive: Shaymin is a very well rounded Pokemon, which lets it use a variety of movesets. It also learns some very effective offensive moves like Seed Flare and Earth Power. Not only that, it can also keep itself healthy with moves like Synthesis or Rest so it can keep itself in battle longer.

Seed FlareHidden Power Ice
Earth PowerSynthesis/Rest

Defensive: The defensive set for Shaymin is all about recovery. Using Leech Seed alongside the Leftovers item will allow Shaymin to keep its health high while it can deal high damage with a few offensive moves.

Leech SeedSeed Flare
Substitute/ProtectAir Slash/Earth Power/Psychic

How to Catch Shaymin in Pokemon Go

While Shaymin does have files in Pokemon Go and has plans to be released, it is not yet in the game. But it is likely that it will appear as either a raid boss or as a rare reward for research.




  1. While being a mythical Pokemon, when encountered it plays the normal wild Pokemon battle music.
  2. Shaymin’s two forms have different cries from each other.


Why is Shaymin a mythical Pokemon?

While Shaymin is treated like a legendary Pokemon, when characters talk about it, it's considered mythical due to being from an event rather than being found in game.

Is Shaymin a good Pokemon?

Shaymin is a very bulky Pokemon with effective offensive stats too and thus it's tough to say that this Pokemon isn’t good as it has well rounded stats and a good moveset.

Is Shaymin rare?

The event that gave players Shaymin has been over for a long time, so obtaining it is rather difficult. Most Shaymin are suspected to be either an original from that event or a duplicated version.


Shaymin may not be as popular now but it was a Pokemon that intrigued many upon its release and has even proved to be a formidable opponent in the hands of the right trainer. Many Pokemon like this have been somewhat forgotten but Shaymin may be one of the sadder ones, not just because it’s good but it's stories were some of the best Pokemon has ever told.