Umbreon Pokemon

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The Pokemon Eevee is known for having a large array of evolutions, dubbed ‘Eevee-lutions,’ and they are all very popular Pokemon. But the one that gets the most attention is Umbreon. It's not only an endearing dark type little feline, but it's also a key part of many trainer’s teams.

About Umbreon

First appearance in animeIn the Original Series episode ‘Power Play!’
First appearance in gameGold and Silver
Region Johto
Evolution Eevee --> Umbreon
1st Evo requirementLevel up Eevee with high friendship at night
Pokedex EntryWhen this Pokémon becomes angry, its pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which it sprays at its opponent's eyes.On the night of a full moon, or when it gets excited, the ring patterns on its body glow yellow.

Umbreon’s Base Stats

Sp. Attack60
Ap. Defense130


Umbreon is a creature which resembles a cat mixed with a fox and maintains the same body shape as every other Eevee-lution. However the details of its design change to match its unique type. Its entire body is black aside from bright yellow markings on it which glow when it uses its dark type powers. It also has some intimidating deep red eyes but they are often seen with a soft look on their face to make the eye color less scary.


This Pokemon is closely tied to the moon, evolving under it and even drawing power from it. It hunts in the night and is able to easily hide in shadow until it's ready to strike. When it does, the yellow rings on its body glow and draw power from the moon.


Below you can see where Umbreon has been prominently featured in different roles throughout the anime series

Gary’s Umbreon

Gary’s Umbreon was first introduced in the original series with episode 171 Power Play!. His Eevee had appeared previously and this episode showcased that it had evolved into an Umbreon. It was seen throughout the series, with its last appearance being in the Diamond and Pearl season episode 151, The Needs of the Three!.

Gladion’s Umbreon

A trainer named Gladion had rescued an Eevee when he was a toddler. Gladion and his Umbreon appeared in episode 027 A Glaring Rivalry!, of the Sun and Moon season. It was seen throughout this season and its last appearance was in episode 131, The Battlefield of Truth and Love!.

Other Appearances

Gary and Gladion’s Umbreon marked the first and last appearances of Umbreon throughout the series. There were many more that appeared in between with various roles. In episode 102, Team Eevee and the Pokemon Rescue Squad! in the Black and White season of the anime, a group of different Eevee evolutions are shown. It also appeared in Pikachu short of the anime called Pokemon: Eevee and Friends.

Where to Find Umbreon?

Below you can find where Umbreon can be encountered or how its pre-evolution can be found.

In Pokemon Emerald

The only way to obtain Umbreon in Pokemon Emerald is to obtain it through trade. It was offered through special promotional events like JourneyAcross America and Party of the Decade. However, it is not currently available for capture in this Pokemon Game.

In Pokemon Sword

In Pokemon Sword, the easiest way to obtain an Umbreon is by evolving Eevee. Anywhere that you can find Eevee is a potential Umbreon. You can find Eevee spawning naturally on Route 4, Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, and Motostoke Riverbank.

In Pokemon Platinum

The only way to obtain Umbreon in Pokemon Platinum is to evolve Eevee. You can obtain an Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome City after you have obtained the National Pokedex. Eevee will also spawn naturally in the Trophy Gardens which requires the National Pokedex.

In Pokemon Moon

Surprisingly you can encounter Umbreon in Pokemon Moon on Routes 4 and 6, although you can only find them through SOS Battles. It seems like it can only be called for help during the night time, so check your in-game clock accordingly.

In Pokemon Crystal

While you cannot find Eevee in the wild in Pokemon Crystal, Bill will give you an Eevee in Goldenrod City. You can evolve this Eevee into an Umbreon. Interestingly enough, you could obtain an Eevee from Celadon Game Corner in the original generation two games, but not with Pokemon Crystal.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Umbreon is only a dark type, which is a powerful type with good resistances but also strong counters. Umbreon is weak to fighting, bug and fairy type moves, which it takes double damage from. It takes half damage from ghost and dark type moves and is completely immune to psychic type moves.

Shiny Umbreon

Like other shiny Pokemon, Shiny Umbreon is rare to find. It requires a Shiny Eevee to obtain a Shiny Umbreon as Umbreon cannot be caught in the wild in any Pokemon game. The changes in design in Shiny Umbreon are slight but very aesthetically pleasing. Shiny Umbreon has the color of its rings changed from yellow to a brilliant blue color.

Best Moveset for Umbreon

This set relies on Umbreon’s high special defense and HP stats to keep it in battle for a while and deal good damage while it's there.

Foul PlaySnarl

How to Catch Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

Umbreon cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Go. You have to gather 25 Eevee candy to evolve an Eevee into it. However, that’s not all. You will also need to have had that Eevee as your buddy and walked 10 Km with it, then evolve it at night.



Umbreon is the only Pokemon with that Synchronize ability that isn’t a Psychic type.

Though there are games where Umbreon is in the game, it's impossible to obtain one without trading due to the games not having a time system, such as in FireRed and LeafGreen.

In 2020, Umbreon was voted as the best Eevee-lution and the best Pokemon from Pokemon Go.


What is Umbreon’s Hidden Ability?

Umbreon’s hidden ability is Inner Focus, an ability which makes the Pokemon immune to flinching.

Who can beat Umbreon?

There are five Pokemon which are considered the best counters to Umbreon: Lucario, Conkeldurr, Breloom, Machamp, and Blaziken. All of these Pokemon take advantage of Umbreon’s weakness to fighting type moves and its low defense.


Umbreon is clearly popular, it was proved by an actual vote. And it's not popular for no reason. Umbreon, like other Eevee-lutions, is cat-like and cats are always an easy crowd favorite. On top of that, Umbreon can hold its own in battle pretty well.