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Introduced in generation one, with the original Pokemon Red, Blue and Green games, Zubat is a dual type poison and flying Pokemon. It is the base evolution of Crobat and evolves into Golbat after reaching the level threshold. The Pokedex aptly classifies it as the bat Pokemon and this nearly blind bat behaves similarly to their real life counterparts. This guide will showcase Zubat’s capabilities in battle, its appearances in the anime, as well as other general facts about Zubat.


About Zubat

Zubat is one of the original 151 Pokemon from generation one. Both Zubat and Golbat were available in the first generation but their final evolution Crobat came with the next generation. In order to evolve your Zubat into Golbat, you need to reach level 22 with your Zubat but Golbat will evolve into Crobat only after it is leveled with high friendship. Zubat first made an appearance in the original series with the episode Clefairy and the Moon Stone. It also received a fair chunk of screen time as Zubat was on Brock’s team.

First appearance in animePokemon the Original Series Clefairy and the Moon Stone
First appearance in gameRed/Green (Japan) Red/Blue (International)
Region Kanto
Evolution Base form of Crobat, evolves into Golbat
1st Evo level22
2nd Evo levelEvolves into Crobat when leveled with high friendship.
Pokedex EntryZubat avoids sunlight because exposure causes it to become unhealthy. During the daytime, it stays in caves or under the eaves of old houses, sleeping while hanging upside down.

Zubat Base Stats



Zubat is classified after its real life counterpart, the bat. Most of its body is blue, with purple inner wings and ears. Its ears are fairly large given its small frame and it does not actually have eyes and instead there is a large jaw with four pointed teeth. It also has two long but thin, toothpick-like legs for hanging upside down. Zubat is a small Pokemon at only 2 feet and 7 inches, or 0.8 meters, tall.

Zubat Appearance


Like bats in real life, Zubat depends on echolocation to verify its surroundings. It is a fairly nocturnal Pokemon and sunlight can cause minor burns to its skin. Zubat is often found in caves making them common encounters in the games whenever you enter a cave. While Zubat is not depicted having eyes, it also has no nose and almost entirely relies on its ultrasonic cries to identify where it is.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a base evolution, there is not much that is too impressive about Zubat. Its statline is not strong and it only allows it to compete in LC (Little Cup) competitive brackets where it would only face other base evolution Pokemon. Thanks to its typing, it is quadruple resistant to fighting and bug type Pokemon while being completely immune to ground. It also resists poison and fairy types, however, it will take 2x damage from rock, electric, psychic, and ice type moves.

Best Moveset

Zubat has a decent defensive typing which allows it to have a supportive role in the LC (Little Cup) brackets of competitive play. Its primary use here is to use Defog in order to clear hazards that could cause serious damage to your base evolution team. To succeed with Zubat in this bracket, consider running Defog, Brave Bird, U-Turn, and Roost. You will also want a Eviolite, as a held item, to help complement Zubat’s defensive typing. Defog is a must to clear hazards, Brave Bird will function as Zubat’s primary damaging move, U-Turn will allow you to get an efficient switch out, and Roost will keep your Zubat healthy.

DefogBrave Bird

How to Catch Zubat in Pokemon Go

If you would like to obtain a Zubat in Pokemon Go, it’s actually rather simple as it is very common to find one in the wild as well as locating them through raids, eggs, and other events. You can find Zubats at a boosted rate in marshes, ponds, and some lakes as well as industrial areas like cities or large buildings. Zubat has also appeared as a tier one raid boss in Pokemon Gym so keep your eyes peeled for any raids nearby for an easy high IV Zubat. If you would like to evolve your Zubat into Golbat it will take 25 Zubat candies, and another 100 Zubat candies in order to evolve it into Crobat.

Zubat in Pokemon Go




  1. Of all the Pokemon in the franchise, Zubat’s evolution line is the only Pokemon with poison and flying typing.
  2. The inspiration for Zubat’s design likely comes from vampire bats.
  3. The name Zubat likely comes from the word bat and zubatto, the Japanese word for the sound of a sharp tool hitting something.


What Level does Zubat evolve at?

Zubat will evolve into Golbat upon reaching level 22. After Zubat reaches this level threshold you just need to allow the evolution animation to play out without hitting “B”. Once you have obtained a Golbat, it will retain its friendship points for evolving into Crobat, so having your Zubat in your party speeds up this process.

What Level does Golbat Evolve?

Golbat will evolve not from levels alone. It does not need to hit a particular level threshold in order to evolve into Crobat. You just need to raise your Golbat’s friendship by walking around with it in your party, battling other Pokemon and other means like giving your Pokemon a massage. Once your Golbat’s friendship level is high enough, the next level it reaches could see it evolve into Crobat. If not, keep increasing the friendship level until it does.

What is Golbat weak Against?

As a dual type poison and flying Pokemon, Golbat will take 2x damage from rock, electric, psychic, and ice type moves. It resists fighting, poison, bug, grass, and fairy type moves. Keep an eye on what your opponent’s Pokemon are capable of covering before sending your Golbat into the fray.


Congratulations, you now know just about everything there is to know about this Bat Pokemon. Zubat has been around since Pokemon was first introduced to the world and even over 25 years later, this little bat has maintained relevance. That is thanks to its evolution line, its constant appearances in caves, and even through its simple design. Even new generations model Zubat’s evolution design into other designs with three stage evolutions, bat-like Pokemon, and of course constant appearances in caves.

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