Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9: Filo found, Raphtalia recreated, and more

Kizuna and her shikigami Chris as seen in Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 (Image via Kinema Citrus)
Kizuna and her shikigami Chris as seen in Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 (Image via Kinema Citrus)

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 was released earlier today for both Japanese and international viewers, and brought very welcome and significant plot advancements with it. Naofumi’s group discovers Raphtalia's location in Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9, as well as being given immediate transportation to the area.

Additionally, Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 sees an older companion rescued in the form of Filo, and a somewhat new companion joining the party. Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 is one of the more exciting episodes of the season overall, and certainly the second best of the three to release during the new story arc thus far.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 is a great episode for the season, featuring acceptable pacing and meaningful developments. Follow along as this article breaks down Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 in its entirety.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9 features something old, something new

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9: Fallout of Raphtalia’s fate

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Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 begins immediately where the prior installment left off, showing Rishia, Kizuna, and Naofumi landing in Sikul. Naofumi pounds his fist against the hourglass in anger at the most recent events, demanding Kizuna return them immediately.

She tries to warn him of how it’s exactly what Kyo wants and it would be like walking into a trap, but he doesn’t care. Kizuna begrudgingly accepts, but says that they’ve been cut off from Mikakage’s side. Naofumi curses in anger when a purple aura reminiscent of the Spirit Tortoise's face appears, which he senses seemingly within him and is apparently bothered by it.

Kizuna then tells Naofumi to calm down, saying that she knows someone who’s really good at finding people, and can surely do so for Raphtalia. She’s then interrupted by two Sikul soldiers calling out to her, then celebrating her return home. After the celebrations, she asks them to retrieve someone named Ethnobalt for her.

Things Shield Hero season 2 does better than season 1.- AnimationThings seaosn 1 does better- Everything else

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then shifts perspective to a nearby animal and monster shop, where Filo is finally seen. She’s being dragged away by the shopkeeper, her hands bound and screaming out in protest. He then puts a talisman on her, which transforms her into something that looks like a Filolial, but is much smaller.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then plays its opening theme, recentering its viewpoint on Noafumi’s party in what seems to be Sikul’s royal castle. Kizuna explains to Sikul government officials that Mikakage trapped her in the Infinite Labyrinth, to which they say an official complaint will be lodged immediately.

She then tells them that Naofumi and Rishia are the ones who helped her escape, to which the Sikul citizens present are grateful. However, their thanks turn to caution once Kizuna introduces him as the Shield Hero from another world. They say he’s here to destroy their world, and as the camera zooms in on Naofumi’s face, the purple aura is seen once more.

Raphtalia & Rishia "The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2" pin-up scan in Megami Magazine 2022 July issue

Kizuna attempts to defend him, saying that he saved her life while questioning how they could say such things. Naofumi, despite his obvious anger, walks away instead of engaging with their talks. He then runs into Ethnobalt, who is introduced as the wielder of the Boat Vassal Weapon of this world.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9: Shikigami save the day

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Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then sees Naofumi’s party and Ethnobalt change locations to in front of a staircase within the castle. He gives Kizuna a card of some sort, which they both refer to as “he/him,” before the card transforms into a penguin-like creature which she calls Chris. She then introduces him as a shikigami, revealing that she and Glass “made him.”

Ethnobalt reveals that he started acting wild four days ago, which must have been when she escaped the Infinite Labyrinth. Kizuna then confirms what is implied here, saying that he’ll help them find Glass too. Rishia then realizes that a shikigami can help locate people, and Naofumi can find Raphtalia and Filo by making a shikigami.

It’s revealed that to make a shikigami, the blood of the owner and “something to function as a shikigami catalyst” is required. In this case, the “owner” is Naofumi, and Kizuna explains that the catalyst they need is something of Raphtalia’s, such as a strand of her hair. Thankfully, Naofumi has some of her hair, which he gives to Ethnobalt for the shikigami ritual.

Another Shield Hero commission of Eclair. One of my favorite characters. Sad she had little screen time in season 2Artist🎨 @luminaros Thank you!#shieldhero

The ritual then begins, with Raphtalia’s hair at the center of a golden, circular array of runes. Naofumi stands over it, while Ethnobalt, Rishia, and Kizuna are all off to the side. The former most then cuts himself for blood, while Ethnobalt begins chanting an incantation.

However, the latter suddenly seems shocked when the ritual appears to truly begin, causing concern amongst the others. He then specifies that everything is fine, but the shikigami is manifesting faster than he imagined, questioning who the catalyst is.

It’s not expanded upon in this episode, but this likely signifies something important about Raphtalia which Kyo may also discover. Nevertheless, the ritual continues until a tanuki-like creature is born with Raphtalia’s color scheme in its patterning. It lands on Naofumi, who sees Raphtalia when looking into its eyes.

Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 8 had my blood absolutely boiling (in a good way) but Episode 9 had me crying and fighting back incredibly violent thoughts when I saw this whole incident animated.What I wouldn't have given to see that guy's torture be a whole episode on it's own..

Kizuna then explains that the ritual working means that whoever the catalyst belongs to, Raphtalia in this case, is still alive. The group then emphasizes the need to move quickly before Naofumi thanks Ethnobalt for his help. He then asks him if he’s truly a human, which prompts Kizuna to compliment him for being able to tell.

Ethnobalt then transforms, revealing himself to be a rabbit-like monster creature whose goal is to protect this world. This causes Naofumi to think of Queen Fitoria, who plays a similar role in Raphtalia’s world. Kizuna comments on how strange it is of him to show people that he just met his true form, to which he replies that it felt safe to do so around Naofumi.

In his typical, unintentionally rude way, Naofumi asks Ethnobalt for confirmation that making shikigami isn’t the only reason he’s known for finding people. This annoys Kizuna, but he confirms anyway, as she begins explaining his role as the Boat Hero and how his weapon can transport them faster than anything else can.

#shieldhero #盾の勇者の成り上がり The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 Episode 9 Preview images

The group is then seen in the forests outside the castle, where Ethnobalt (now back in human form) steps off the floating platform he’s been using to move thus far. After stepping off, it grows to a massive size, as big as a building. The group is shocked, but quickly boards to go find Raphtalia, Filo, and Glass’ group.

Naofumi is seen asking his shikigami where Raphtalia is, but it blankly stares back at him without responding. Kizuna questions if he’s going to name it, to which he says he will eventually, causing her to respond that he should get it over with.

She then asks Chris where Glass is, prompting him to point to a location on the global map nearby. Naofumi’s shikigami is then seen pointing to the same location, which is revealed to be Raybul. Ethnobalt and Kizuna say this isn’t good, revealing the country to be allied with Mikakage, as well as the homeland of the mage Kazuki, who is allied with Kyo.

#盾の勇者の成り上がりShield Hero Season 2 Episode 9Buildups pay off immensely as events are now maintaining direction without anything being misplacedSlight alterations that better portrays the frantic-addled mind of Naofumi immensely as he seeks to rescue Raphtalia

The group agrees that Glass’ being there as well as Raphtalia indicates that they were captured. Naofumi defiantly says that they have to go even if it is a trap, saying he hopes Filo is there too. With that, Ethnobalt warps the ship away to bring the group behind enemy lines.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9: In another foreign, enemy land

@ChibiReviews While I'll admit this arc is miles better than the first one, it doesn't change just how bad a start Season 2 kicked off, and frankly I'm mixed.While it's not as bad as Promised Neverland S2, it's gonna affect how I feel about Shield Hero moving forward.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then cuts to the shop where Filo is being held, which currently has a large crowd outside looking in. The shopkeeper is then seen whipping Filo and telling her to move her wings and sing, causing her to tear up in pain.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then quickly cuts perspective yet again to what seems to be a nearby area. Ethnobalt’s ship then materializes, causing the group to depart and the former to head back and await word from them. Naofumi’s group then walk the streets of Raybul, as he comments on how it looks like a modern Mikakage.

With the sun setting, the group decides to walk through the night to reach Raphtalia and Glass as quickly as possible. Kizuna then remembers the talk of Naofumi destroying this world, causing her and Rishia to go on a tangent. Naofumi, meanwhile, gets a strange look on his face and suddenly stops dead in his tracks.

@SonNoodles2 Shield Hero season 2. Everything that could’ve been added to make season 2 as interesting as season 1 was cut because they decided to make the current season 13 instead of 25 episodes like the last season.

When his companions see this, they ask what’s wrong, but he turns around and says he can “hear it” before running off without another word. He says he hears a voice before quickly arriving at the shop where Filo is being held and forced to perform, with Kizuna and Rishia close behind.

After getting their bearings, the group hears Filo crying out in protest and pain, before looking into the shop and seeing her mistreatment. She’s seen calling out for Raphtalia, Rishia, and Naofumi himself before being taken away by an employee.

The sight causes Naofumi to become murderously enraged, with the Wrath Shield being brought out almost instinctively. A cute detail of this scene is his shikigami, which is made from part of Raphtalia, seems just as angry about Filo’s treatment as he does.

Rising of the shield hero season 2 episode 9 was so good. Kizuna gets better and better every episode and more likeable. Ethnobolt is freaking cool and naofumi had to channel his inner liam nieson (from the movie taken) with what happened to filo 🛡

Rishia and Kizuna try to calm the rage-filled Naofumi down, which they eventually do after he and the formermost vent about wanting to kill the shopkeeper. The group then decides to sneak in at night to prioritize getting Filo back unharmed, which Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 cuts to in its next scene.

The group questions if this is a trap of Kyo’s as well, causing Naofumi to say he doesn’t care, and he’ll just interrogate the shopkeeper for answers. Kizuna scolds him for not at least saying “question him” instead, but Rishia questions the difference with a voice indicative of a calm, collected rage. The formermost comments on how they’re a little scary before the group moves out.

After walking through the outer area and into the building, they begin hearing a chirping of some sort, which they follow to a room filled with birds. The chirping is coming from a creature which Kizuna calls a Humming Fairy, but is actually Filo as viewers know. Naofumi is positive its Filo, which Rishia and Kizuna question.

Despair, its coming back unleash the beast, RAGE SHIELD!!!!!!!!Season 2 Ep 9#TheRisingoftheShieldHero #ShieldHero #TatenoYuushanoNariagari #盾の勇者の成り上がり

However, it soon becomes apparent from the creature’s reaction that it is indeed Filo. Kizuna explains that she can’t transform because of the talismans on her body and the cage, causing Naofumi to ask her to cut open the cage. She says she doesn’t know what the talismans will do, but he tells her not to worry, breaking them himself.

Kizuna then breaks the cage, freeing Filo and allowing her to transform into her human form, where she leaps into Naofumi’s arms sobbing and calling for him. The rest of the group express their joy for having found Filo, when the shopkeeper suddenly appears. He calls the group criminals, which Kizuna refutes as Naofumi silently stands.

The Shield Hero then uses the Nue Shield, which sends a sonic attack at the shopkeeper. However, it seems to be a mental attack as well, as the shopkeeper then sees many floating, gray voices yelling the same commands at him as he did Filo. The shopkeeper is revealed to also think of himself in a cage, before screaming out in mental anguish.

probably shield hero, season 2 feels so wrong and season 1 wasn't that good of expression tbh sometimes…

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then shifts perspective to the group’s basecamp, where they discuss the Nue Shield’s effects. Apparently, the shopkeeper confessed to everything before it broke him, which everyone but Filo discusses due to her being asleep on Naofumi’s lap.

Apparently, Filo was found unconscious by the shopkeeper’s dad, which Naofumi suspects to be from Kyo’s interventions. The group then discuss Filo’s personality and her race, prompting Kizuna to question why she became a Humming Fairy.

Naofumi suspects that Filolials don’t exist in this world, causing her to become something else, but allowing her to retain her transformative powers due to being a Filolial Queen Candidate. Capping off the scene is a cute image where Naofumi’s shikigami, which is essentially part Raphtalia, seems to be getting jealous over the attention Filo is getting.

Finished watching ep 9 of The Rising of the Shield Hero S2. Ep was good. Got introducted to another vassal hero in Ethnobalt. Who happens to be in that special group of species like Fitoria. Filo was finally saved 🥺 and Naofumi made a little Raph sikigami to find Raphtalia

The group is then seen heading to bed, but a certain party member is having trouble sleeping. Filo wakes Naofumi up, asking him if he’ll ever disappear again. He remembers Queen Fitoria here, before saying he’s with the both of “them” (presumably meaning Filo and Raphtalia) forever.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then shows the group walking through town the next day, where Filo gets upset with Naofumi’s shikigami for stealing his attention. She then asks Naofumi who it is, saying she smells like Raphtalia. After being told what it is, she names it Raph-chan, which the shikigami seems to like.

This prompts Kizuna to introduce herself and Chris as well, causing Filo to call her big sis Kizuna-chan like she does with Raphtalia and Rishia. Naofumi has fun teasing Kizuna here, saying just Kizuna-chan is enough, causing her to become perturbed.

The beast part about season 2 is that all the villains are on the same wavelength as Naofumi. They keep insulting each other the moment they see each other.#shieldhero

The group then sees townsfolk crowded around a bulletin board, where a notice with drawings resembling their faces is seen. Naofumi suspects word has gotten out about their actions, prompting him to tell Filo to transform for safety. The post is about them, but not enough of a description was put out for them to worry about.

Kizuna then notices a post about the Katana Vassal Weapon wielder being found but having escaped. Naofumi asks what this means before pausing mid-sentence, announcing that Raphtalia’s stats have disappeared. However, after initial worry from the group, they realize Raph-chan being here still means Raphtalia is safe.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 then sees Naofumi talking about the slave crest before asking why as the camera pans to the cloudy sky. After Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 plays its ending theme, a first-time post-credits-scene begins playing, showcasing a snowy, wintry area.

A guard is then seen opening a wagon and telling someone to get out, which is revealed to be Raphtalia. Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 ends as Naofumi’s companion is escorted to what appears to be a prison-like building of some sort.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 9: Final thoughts

Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 is easily one of the best episodes thus far for the season, and makes for a promising preview of the final episodes. Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 does remarkable work at resolving old plot lines while also introducing and teasing new ones.

Additionally, Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 does a great job of fixing pacing problems which have historically plagued the season. Earlier episodes especially suffered from this, but Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 sticks with the late-season tradition (so far) of fixing this issue.

Overall, there’s little to no flaws in Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9’s storyboarding, pacing, or adaptation style. While Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 episode 9 may not have been as action-packed as some fans would have hoped, the episode is undoubtedly promising for what little the season has left to offer.

Be sure to keep up with all Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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