Aashish is an esports and gaming writer at Sportskeeda, covering Pokemon, FC 24, and MMO. His educational background is in Mass Media and Music Production, but gaming always served as his favorite escape. Today, he has taken it up professionally.

A die-hard fan of the franchise, Aashish lives and breathes Pokemon. He has equal appreciation for single-player and multiplayer games. Nonetheless, if he had to recommend a game to a skeptic, it would be Guild Wars 2 due to its compelling storyline. However, if he were to go full throttle into the competitive side, Dota 2 would get his blood pumping.

Aashish prioritizes sourcing and reporting accurate, relevant, and ethical information. He relies heavily on official social media accounts to stay updated with what's going on. When not immersed in creating content, Aashish engages in music production and photography.

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