Minecraft 1.20 Pocket Edition Update

Last Modified Jun 05, 2023 17:30 GMT
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The developers of the game, Mojang, have stated that the much awaited 1.20 update for Minecraft will include a wealth of new features. There will still be a lot to look forward to, even though the absence of world-generation components may surprise some players. A number of the features are already present in the Java Snapshot, Bedrock, and Pocket Edition betas and will be in the retail version later this year.

What is the Minecraft 1.20 Update for Pocket Edition and when will it be released?

The emphasis of the 1.20 update for Minecraft is diversity and creativity, although the formal announcement was distinct from those of previous update releases. Despite the fact that it was announced during Minecraft Live, there were fewer specifics given to the public than in prior years, in part because some highly anticipated mechanics and upgrades were never included.

Because they don't want to experience the same issues they did in the past, Mojang has only released announcements this year that are almost ready for release and have experimental features already available in snapshots. Nevertheless, Mojang has at last disclosed the 1.20 update's release date and it has been scheduled for June 7, 2023.

The update, aptly titled "Trails and Tales," captures the spirit of discovery and narrative, ensuring a really stimulating experience for all players. Additionally, it centres on the vibrant fabric of the Minecraft community, shining a blazing spotlight on the captivating stories masterfully written by its users.

What is part of the Minecraft 1.20 update?

Cherry Blossom Biome

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The Cherry Blossom biome will be accessible as part of the upgrade. Cherry blossom trees blanket the entire ecosystem, adding a wonderful pink tint to the surroundings, while saplings can be used to move trees out of their natural habitat and wood can be used to build and make a wide variety of other things. The Cherry Blossom biome won't be added to Bedrock, aka the Pocket Edition, at first; only the Java edition will have access to it.


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The new archaeology system, which allows you to unearth ancient bones and eggs, is one of the most eagerly anticipated features of Minecraft's latest edition. There is a chance that the Sniffer mob will develop from these eggs in the future. To discover equipment that has been concealed, use the new brush tool to remove suspicious-looking sand block areas surrounding Desert Temples.


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  • Hanging signs (with a total of 11 wood variants including oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, mangrove, crimson, warped, bamboo, and cherry)

  • Block of Bamboo

  • Bamboo Mosaic

  • Bamboo Planks

  • Chiseled Bookshelf

  • Cherry Leaves

  • Cherry Log

  • Cherry Planks

  • Cherry Sapling

  • Pink Petals

  • Piglin Head

  • Sniffer Egg

  • Torchflower (grows from torchflower seeds)

  • Suspicious Sand


  • Torchflower Seeds

  • Brush

  • Pottery Shards

  • Spawn Eggs

  • Camel Spawn egg

  • Sniffer spawn egg

  • Smithing Templates

  • Netherite Upgrade

    • Armor Trim:

      • Coast Armor Trim

      • Dune Armor Trim

      • Eye Armor Trim

      • Rib Armor Trim

      • Sentry Armor Trim

      • Snout Armor Trim

      • Spire Armor Trim

      • Tide Armor Trim

      • Vex Armor Trim

      • Ward Armor Trim

      • Wild Armor Trim

New Mobs

Mojang has announced that two new mobs will be added to the game in version 1.20. The first is the Minecraft camel, which Mojang chose as a new desert mount, and the second is the sniffer, which won the top spot in this year's community mob poll.


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Ever since it won the Mob Vote in 2022, players have been eagerly awaiting the sniffer. Sniffer eggs can be found in the Overworld with things such as pottery shards in suspicious sand. The advent of the creature will probably bring more information to light, although it is unknown how lengthy a sniffer's hatching time is or what may be done to speed up the process.


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The camels provide a unique riding experience, featuring a "dashing" feature in place of a high jump, as well as two-player saddles—a first for Minecraft mounts. The new passive mob has a variety of distinct animations and is mostly found in desert towns. Camels are also large enough even for players to ride without danger of hostile mobs attacking them.

Non-mob entities

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  • Raft

  • Cherry Boat

  • Cherry Blossom

  • Cherry Grove

Armor Trimming and Customization

The armor trimming feature is one of the most recent additions. Gamers can add these patterns to their favorite armor to make it look completely different. There is a lot to learn about Minecraft's armor reduction, according to a recent post by Mojang's developers. Any armor with an iron quality or higher can have a number of trims added by a smithing table, although these trims are only decorative and have no practical effect on gameplay.


Q. Is Minecraft’s 1.20 update confirmed?

A. Yes, Minecraft’s 1.20 Update has been confirmed and will add a tonne of new features, as was made known at Minecraft Live 2022.

Q. Does Minecraft’s 1.20 update have a name yet?

A. Only information and features that are nearly finished are shared by Mojang Studios. As a result, Minecraft 1.20 doesn't even have a name yet; Mojang Studios hopes to collaborate with the public to choose a name for the update before it goes live.