Nate Diaz Last Fight

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In what might have been his last fight in the octagon, Diaz (21 wins-13 losses) was initially supposed to compete against Khamzat Chimaev in the UFC 279 main event.

However, Chimaev weighed seven and a half pounds over the welterweight non-title bout limit at the weigh-ins on September 9 and was disqualified from his match against Diaz.

As a result, Nate Diaz battled Tony Ferguson at T-Mobile Arena instead.

Nate Diaz's Last Fight Details

Nate Diaz for his last fight with Tony Ferguson.

Round 1

The fight commenced rapidly, with the competitors encountering each other in the octagon while trading blows. Ferguson kicked first, and Diaz blocked it, causing him a bloody cut on his shin. As the round came to a close, the two competitors fist-bumped while exchanging laughs, adding to the already electrifying ambiance in the arena.

Round 2

Earlier in the second round, Ferguson seemed to have excited his offenses edging Nate Diaz. Nate, however, retaliated to this by increasing his accuracy and connecting his shots as much as possible. One of these strikes tore open a cut over Ferguson's right eye, indicating to the audience where the second round was being headed.

Round 3

Probably one of the most entertaining rounds in UFC history, the third round of this much-anticipated match started with Ferguson dropping a kick to Diaz's right leg. In his classic unbothered attitude, Diaz turned around and walked away while shaking his head and went near the cage, putting his arm above it. After a brief moment, the two returned to the fight exchanging blows and ending the round with Nate establishing his dominance, predicting his already obvious win over Tony Ferguson.

Round 4

The fourth and last round of the historic fight unfolded with Nate Diaz eradicating Tony Ferguson with precise punches, leaving no room for his opponent to make a comeback. After absorbing a combination of blows from Diaz, Ferguson attempted a takedown on him. Nate responded by countering it with a guillotine choke, eventually making Ferguson tap a few seconds into it, leaving Nate Diaz as the winner of the fight 2:52 into the fourth round.

Nate Diaz's Last Fight Video Highlights


Nate Diaz's Last Fight Earnings

Nate Diaz reportedly earned $971,000 from his last fight against Tony Ferguson.

*Last updated on November 23, 2022.