All About Ninetails Pokémon

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Making its debut in the first generation of Pokemon, Ninetails is a Fire-type Pokemon with a distinctive look and memorable traits. Regarded for its beauty and elegance, this Pokemon can pack quite a punch as well.

Ninetails Pokemon

About Ninetails

First appearance in animeIn the Pokémon episode ‘Riddle Me This!’
First appearance in gameBlue and Red
Region Kanto
Evolution Vulpix-->Ninetails
Pokedex EntrySaid to live for a thousand years, this Pokémon uses its supernatural abilities to manipulate fire. It can burn its prey to a crisp as it pleases. It is vindictive and relentless by nature. Those who cross it even once will be cursed for a thousand years, along with their descendants.

Ninetails’s Base Stats

Sp. Attack81
Ap. Defense100

Appearance of Ninetails

Looking completely different from its pre-evolution form Vulpix, Ninetails is almost completely golden white; the majority of its body is covered in fur of this color. The only break from this palette is orange fur at the end of its tails and striking red eyes. The most eye-catching feature of this Pokemon is definitely the nine tails Ninetails are named after, each one long and flowing.

Appearance of Ninetails

Behavior of Ninetails

Although appearing to be extremely pettable, it is ill-advised to pet a Ninetails without its permission. Messing with this Pokemon’s tail, or mistreating it, will cause Ninetails to curse whoever does so. An intelligent Pokemon, Ninetails can understand human speech and is very proud of its appearance.

The Alolan version of Ninetails is slightly different, as it is revered as a sacred messenger or a deity. Alolan Ninetails is much gentler compared to their Kanto counterpart, aiding lost humans back to safety. However, this is mostly done to keep them away from both their territory and young Vulpix, both of which Alolan Ninetails are extremely protective of.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Fire-type, Ninetails are effective against Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice-type Pokemon. Additionally, with high stats in both Special Defense and Speed, Ninetails will almost always be the first Pokemon to make a move. This can be especially helpful when facing Ground Rock and Water types, as Ninetails are weak to those moves.

Alolan Ninetails is an Ice and Fairy type, with that double pairing, they are strong against Fighting, Dragon, Dark, Flying, Ground, and Grass types. However, this comes at the cost of being weak to Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire, and Poison moves.

Alolan Ninetails

Alolan Ninetails is almost a completely different version of its Kanto counterpart. Being in the Alola region, Alolan Ninetails settled in Mount Lanakila, a snow dense area. This in turn caused Alolan Ninetails to shift from Fire to Ice-type, with an additional type added: Fairy.

Alolan Ninetails

Shiny Ninetails

Shiny Ninetails is a stark contrast to its normal variation. Going for a more muted tone, Shiny Ninetails’ fur is a dark grey with blue tips. Keeping the red eyes, Shiny Ninetails is not one to be easily missed, and the effort to catch one of your own will be well worth it.

Shiny Ninetails

Shiny Alolan Ninetails

The Shiny Alolan Ninetails is subtly different from the normal variation, but it’s still an excellent shiny. Shiny Alolan Ninetails has a light purple color across its fur, rather than the traditional white. Shiny Alolan Ninetails is a rarity to find, so trading or hatching might be the better option.

Shiny Alolan Ninetails

Best Moveset for Ninetails

Nasty PlotFire Blast
Solar BeamHidden Power Ice

This moveset relies heavily on Nasty Plot, as the move increases the user’s special attack by two. By having the rest of the moves on Ninetails focus on special moves, you can almost always guarantee a one-hit knockout so long as you use Nasty Plot. A highly offensive move list, though there’s little that can be done with defense, so items like Potions and leftovers are highly advised to keep your Ninetails in the fight.

Aurora VeilFreeze Dry

Whereas the Kanto version of Ninetails focuses on offense, Alolan Ninetails prioritizes defense and denying your opponent the opportunity to attack. The first move, Aurora Veil, halves the damage of teammates for five turns, so long as there is hail. Paired with the Light Clay item, five turns extend into eight. The move Hail is also included in case you need to change the weather in your favor. Hypnosis gives a chance for your opponent to fall asleep, and Freeze-Dry is an attack with a chance to freeze your target.

How to Catch Ninetails in Pokemon Go

Catching a Ninetails in Pokemon go is rather simple. While there are Ninetails in the wild, an easier though time-consuming method is catching and collecting enough Vulpix until you have enough candy to evolve. Fifty Vulpix candy is needed, not too bad all things considered.

To evolve an Alolan Vulpix, you have to have one, the only known method is to hatch one or trade with a friend.


Ninetails have been known to curse those who mess up their tales.

Alolan Ninetails sleep on their tails.

Ninetails’s original name was going to be Ninetai, but the idea was scrapped.

Ninetails’ name has been misspelled several times in various cards.

Ninetails’ shiny color has gone from lavender to purple-grey.


Q. How do you evolve Ninetails?

In the base games, you evolve a Vulpix to a Ninetails by exposing them to a Fire Stone. This will consume the Fire Stone, but you’ll now have a Ninetails.

Q. Is Ninetails a legendary Pokemon?

Ninetails is a relatively easy Pokemon to catch or evolve. While it may have good stats, they are not considered a legendary Pokemon.

Q. Does Ninetales mega evolve?

No, Ninetails does not have the ability to Mega Evolve.


Having a timeless design and good stats, Ninetails is a Pokemon that few don’t know of. Its popularity boosted even more by its Alolan variant, Ninetails can play into several strategies, whether it be offense or defense.

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