Spoink Pokémon: How to catch, Stats, Moves, Strength, Weakness, Trivia, FAQs

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Spoink is a Psychic type Pokemon introduced along with the Hoenn Region (Generation III). It is the base form of Grumpig and the orb on its head is not actually a part of it, but rather taken from a Clamperl. This orb is what amplifies it’s psychic powers and it spends its entire lifetime looking for a bigger orb. The size of the orb determines the Psychic powers of the Pokemon.

About Spoink

First appearance in animePokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
First appearance in gameRuby/Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Evolution Spoink → Grumpig
1st Evo RequirementLevel 32
Pokedex EntrySpoink bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing—if it stops, its heart will stop.

Spoink Base stats



Spoink is based on a pig and a spring with it primarily gray with a pink orb on its head. It has a pig nose with pink blushes on either side and it also has small eyes with two pointy ears. On either side of its nose are arms and the body is egg-shaped with a spring attached at the edge. It uses this spring to bounce around.


The pearl on this Pokemon’s head is what gave it the psychic powers that it possesses. This pearl is taken from a Clamperl and the tail-like spring on its back is what pumps its heart. It has to keep bouncing, else it will die on the spot. It is always searching for a bigger orb to put on its head, but nothing will make it happier than eating underground mushrooms. This Pokemon’s survival is so dependent on bouncing that it bounces even in its sleep.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Spoink is a pure Psychic type and thus is weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost type moves. But it is resistant to Fighting and Psychic type moves, taking half the normal damage.

Best moveset

Spoink is on the worse side of Pokemon that you can use in LC. It does not have much viability and is outclassed by other psychic type Pokemon who can do better damage like Abra. If you still insist on using this Pokemon, you can use this moveset for best coverage. Using Thunder Wave on the opponent reduces their speed with a chance of them being unable to move.

This is beneficial as this Pokemon does not have much speed. It also can be beneficial as if RNG is on your side, you can generate extra Calm Minds with the help of paralysis. Calm Mind boosts your Special Attack and Special Defense by one stage. This not only increases survivability, but also increases the damage dealt by Psychic and Power Gem. Psychic receives STAB, which can be pretty powerful if used correctly. Power Gem is a move for coverage with no secondary uses.

Since Psychic is immune towards Dark types, use Power Gem as it deals damage normally. It can also be used to squish Bug types, which is one of Psychic type’s biggest weaknesses.

Calm MindPsychic
Power GemThunder Wave

How to catch Spoink in Pokemon Go?

Spoink can be found normally in the wild, especially in residential areas. Alternatively, this Pokemon can also be hatched from 2 KM eggs and it evolves into Grumpig using 50 candies. This Pokemon appeared as a Tier 1 raid boss on 27th March of 2020.


  1. The spring that Spoink bounces on is actually its tail.
  2. Despite its Pokedex entries stating that it will die if it stops bouncing, this Pokemon is seen saying still in multiple instances without an issue.
  3. This Pokemon’s psychic powers originate from within, but amplified by the pearl on its head. However, the pearl is taken from a Clamperl, which is an entirely water type Pokemon.


Is Spoink in Pokemon sword?

Spoink did not make the cut during Dexit to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What happens if Spoink stops bouncing?

When a Spoink stops bouncing, its heart stops working.

What does Spoink evolve into?

Although many won’t expect it, Spoink evolves into Grumpig starting at level 32.


Spoink are scary creatures, not because it is violent or aggressive, but because it’s life is so fragile. This Pokemon can not afford to stop bouncing. If it does, its heart will stop pumping. With all such risks, one would think that the trade-off in power would be worth it, and one would be wrong because competitively, Spoink is not viable as well. It has way too many alternatives to be counted as a good Pokemon and its use is very niche.