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Zygarde is a ground and dragon-type Legendary first introduced in the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y in its 50% form, with Zygarde being a part of the aura trio with the Pokemon X and Y mascot Legendaries, Xerneas and Yveltal. Zygarde was explored in more depth in Pokemon Sun and Moon with the introduction of Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells which can be fused in order to form a form of Zygarde. Zygarde Cores are comparable to its brains or consciousness, while Zygarde Cells form the basic building blocks of Zygarde’s forms. Zygarde Cells and Cores cannot be used in battle, and require storage within the Zygarde Cube. Though they did not appear within the X and Y games, Zygarde's other forms played an important role within the anime’s XY&Z arc of Pokemon the Series: XY.

Zygarde Pokemon

Zygarde Pokemon

About Zygarde

First appearance in animePokemon the Series: XY
First appearance in gamePokemon X and Y
Region Kalos
Evolution N/A
1st Evo levelN/A
2nd Evo levelN/A
Pokedex Entry50% Form: This is Zygarde's form when it has gathered 50% of its cells. It wipes out all those who oppose it, showing not a shred of mercy. It's thought to be monitoring the ecosystem. There are rumors that even greater power lies hidden within it. 10% Form: This is Zygarde's form when about 10% of its cells have been gathered. It runs across the land at speeds greater than 60 mph. Its sharp fangs make short work of finishing off its enemies, but it's unable to maintain this body indefinitely. After a period of time, it falls apart. 100% Form: This is Zygarde's 100% form. It has enough power to overwhelm even Xerneas or Yveltal. This is Zygarde's form at times when it uses its overwhelming power to suppress those who endanger the ecosystem.

Zygarde Base stats

10% Form


50% Form


100% Form


Appearance of Zygarde

Zygarde has three separate forms, with its 50% form being the most well-known version of Zygarde. Zygarde Cells and Cores (the components of brains and body of Zygarde respectively) both resemble green gelatinous blobs, with the cores having a pink hexagon visible inside its body and the cells having a darker green hexagon. The cores also have a more upright silhouette than the cells with large, round heads with beak-shaped protrusions, with the cores being meant to appear more conscious/living than the cells. The cells have flat bodies and heads and are generally flattened down versions of the cores.

When these cells and cores are fused at 10% of its capabilities, it resembles a small canine-like Pokemon, with razor-sharp teeth and a green collar that protrudes behind its head, resembling a leash. 10% Zygarde, like its other forms, is mainly made up of hexagons, with a mainly black body with some green patterns. It has a green area around its mouth, two green hexagons on its chest, a green left paw, and two green shapes on its face resembling eyebrows. 10% Zygarde has white hexagonal eyes and a pink hexagon marking on its chest, as well as hexagonal extensions on the backs of each leg, with two on the back of each forepaw elbow, one behind each knee, and two on each hip.

When fused to 50% of its capabilities, as in the case of its main form, Zygarde resembles a snake and maintains a mainly black body with the underbelly and the tip of its tail being green. Its face resembles an insect with compound eyes, with four green and white hexagons making up its eyes and a white line in the middle of its face. 50% Zygarde has five long protrusions that each have two small, green hexagons close to the tips. It has multiple tendrils that extend from different parts of its body: three short tendrils on both sides of its chest, with the three on the right being black and the three tendrils on the left being green, as well as five tendrils at the end of its tail. Overall, 50% of Zygarde has a wide variety of green hexagonal shapes assorted across its body which can glow.

Finally, when Zygarde is fused to its completion it has a humanoid shape, that is mostly black just like its other forms. It has a tail resembling its 50% form as well as several flat protrusions resembling a crown placed around its head and triangular protrusions around its neck. Its head has a face made up of three white hexagonal markings. Completed Zygarde has two serpentine wings with blue, red, and green undulating patterns as well as multiple white protrusions on its body. Of these white protrusions, it has three on each hand resembling claws, one on each knee, and one and the front of each foot. Its chest has a face-like pattern with green, hexagonal shapes resembling eyes and an opening resembling a mouth that fades between five colors (red, orange, white, cyan, and blue).

Appearance of Zygarde

Appearance of Zygarde

Behavior of Zygarde

Zygarde is a Legendary Pokemon focused on protecting the environment. Each Zygarde Core can think independently from each other before its formation, with all forms of Zygarde Cores and forms being capable of learning. At 10%, Zygarde is known to fight at close range due to its sharp fangs, as well as being known to run at incredibly fast speeds. At 50% of its completion, Zygarde is known to observe those who harm the environment as well as appearing to reveal its power when the environment is in disarray. This Zygarde is known to live within its cave. The completed form of Zygarde is considered the most powerful of the aura trio when compared to Xerneas and Yveltal. This form only appears to eliminate threats to the environment when the environment is either in disarray or at risk of being in disarray.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Zygarde becomes more powerful with each form in terms of its base stat total. At 10%, Zygarde is a speed and attack base Pokemon, with its lowest stats being its HP and special attack, which are both relatively low. At 50%, Zygarde has more consistently higher stats, with an especially high defense stat. Finally, at 100%, Zygarde has mostly the same stats like 50% Zygarde, though its HP stat is doubled. As all forms of Zygarde are dragon and ground-type Pokemon, they are all weak to ice, dragon, and Fairy-type attacks, immune to electric-type attacks, and resistant to poison, rock, and fire-type attacks.

Shiny Zygarde

Shiny Zygarde is a version of Zygarde which is mainly white rather than being mainly black. The green in Shiny Zygarde is also more blue-toned than the yellow-toned green in Zygard’s usual forms. Shiny Zygarde was released in a 2018 limited-time event after the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Shiny Zygarde

Best Moveset

Zygarde gains immense bulk after transforming with Power Construct. Prior to transformation, Zygarde is rather exploitable, so Power Construct is incredibly important. This aids Zygarde by either easing its setup or making it a powerful physical wall. Dragon Dance is effective for making Zygarde an offensive threat by improving its speed and attack. A thousand Arrows is a powerful STAB (same-type attack bonus) move that can be used many times within battle. Substitute allows Zygarde to better control its HP, and finally, Dragon Tail allows Zygarde to shift certain Pokemon with a random Pokemon in your opponent's party, helping to prevent unfavorable matchups, as well as serving to disrupt your opponent's strategy.

Dragon DanceThousand Arrows
SubstituteDragon Tail

How to catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go?

Zygarde is not currently available in Pokemon Go.

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  1. Zygarde is a part of the aura trio with the Pokemon X and Y mascot Legendaries, Xerneas and Yvelta
  2. Zygarde is the last Pokemon when listed alphabetically
  3. Zygarde’s Complete Form has the highest HP stat of any ground-type Pokemon
  4. Zygarde's 10%, 50%, and Complete Forms resemble the three children of the Norse Gods, Loki and Angrboða: Fenrir (a monstrous wolf), Jörmungandr/ the Midgard Serpent (a sea serpent), and Hel (the Norse Goddess of death)
  5. The hexagon motif in Zygarde Cells and Cores may represent the nucleus of a cell


Q. Is Zygarde the strongest Pokemon?

When it was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, it was a relatively basic Legendary Pokemon, though after the introduction of its Complete Form in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Zygarde’s Complete Form became the 11th strongest Pokemon in terms of base stat total and the fifth in terms of HP.

Q. How strong is Zygarde's Complete Form?

The completed form of Zygarde is considered the most powerful of the aura trio when compared to Xerneas and Yveltal and it has the highest HP stat of any ground-type Pokemon. When compared to other Pokemon, Zygarde’s Complete Form became the 11th strongest Pokemon in terms of base stat total and the fifth in terms of HP.

Q. How do you evolve Zygarde?

Zygarde does not have an evolution, though it can be switched into its Complete Form by using the Power Construct ability (after it has already been fully fused). Power Construct will activate in order to form Complete Zygarde once Zygarde reaches 50% health during battle.

Q. Is Zygarde 10 good?

With its incredibly high speed higher than any of the other Zygarde forms, Zygarde’s 10% form, while it has low HP and special attack stats, can be used as an effective sweeper due to its high speed and attack.

Q. Can Zygarde learn Extreme Speed?

Yes, with the use of the Zygarde Cube, Zygarde can learn Extreme Speed, as well as Core Enforcer, Dragon Dance, Thousand Arrows, and Thousand Waves.


Though Zygarde was a relatively basic Legendary Pokemon when it was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, after the introduction of Zygarde’s Complete Form, it became a force to be reckoned with. In its Complete Form, Zygarde is considered the most powerful of the aura trio, when compared to Xerneas and Yveltal, making it stronger than both of the mascots of its introduced games. With three separate forms that it can fight in and two forms that serve its lore with Zygarde Cells and Cores, Zygarde is a multifaceted Legendary Pokemon that is great for fans of Pokemon lore and theorizing.

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