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Shawn Michaels' net worth and his current salary

You won’t believe the true net worth of Shawn Michaels
You won’t believe the true net worth of Shawn Michaels
Modified 06 Sep 2019

Shawn Michaels is a name that has been synonymous with professional wrestling. The Texas native is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers of all times. A pioneer of technical wrestling, Michael’s illustrious career lasted for over 25 years. For all that he has achieved in pro-wrestling, one might wonder, how well was the Heart Break Kid paid for the fruits of his never-ending labour. Thereby bringing up the question, as to what might Shawn Michaels’ actual net worth and salary be?

Shawn Michaels’ remarkable career saw him winning WWF World Heavyweight Championship thrice, WWE World Heavyweight Championship once. Furthermore, he has been Royal Rumble winner twice and the first WWF Grand Slam Champion. On top of all that, he was the fourth winner of the WWF Triple Crown Champion and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. His reputation and talent certainly exceed his implausible Net Worth.

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While you cannot put a price on the innumerable highlights “The Showstopper” has provided us, we will show you exactly how much he was paid for his undeniable skill in the ring, as well as his staunch loyalty to the WWE. So just hang in tight and let me take you through the glorious career of the man we have come to love as Shawn Michaels.

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, popularly known as Shawn Michaels, started his career in the indie circuit. He was first signed by WWF in 1987 and fired after two weeks following an altercation at the bar. However, his brilliance gave Vince McMahon no choice but to sign Hickenbottom in 1998.

Little did he know that a then 22-year-old Shawn Micheals would forever change the dynamics of the company by having, career-defining feuds with the likes of Jannetty, Bret Hart and Triple H, among others.

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Understandably, Michaels did not draw much money at the start of his career but continued to build it slowly and steadily, to become one of the companies top goldmines for the years to follow.

Shawn Michaels’ new persona of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, propelled him to become one of the top money makers for the promotion. It was at this juncture that he started having some of the most high-profile feuds of his career.

His new gimmick of a vain and cocky villain, who was accompanied by the Sensational Sherri, made him one of the top heels of the company. The addition of Diesel his on-air bodyguard and an off-air friend further added legitimacy to the whole character.


Michaels first run with WWE that lasted for ten years (1988-1998), was a testament to the greatness of ‘The Boy Toy’. Even though he was widely despised backstage, due to his reluctance to ‘job’ for other wrestlers, his critics couldn't deny how influential and talented Michaels truly was.

His feud with Brett Hart, which culminated at Survivor Series 1998, fattened Michaels already thick wallet. The Montreal Screwjob is widely regarded as the biggest double cross is the history of professional wrestling. With all the attention he got for this, one can only imagine how many zeros it added to his net worth.

Michaels had a cynical role in Montreal Screwjob
Michaels had a cynical role in Montreal Screwjob

Michael’s first retirement, which came in 1998, did dent his paycheck. He was not back to in-ring action up till 2002 and did minor roles, within the company during this period.


His second run with the company, saw Shawn Michael transition from one of the most despised characters to a complete fan favourite. The original forefather of D-generation X had some mega feuds with the likes of Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and Undertaker. A reunion of DX also did wonders for WWE, thereby notching up his overall net worth.

During his last run with WWE, Michaels took it upon himself to end The Undertaker’s almost two-decade-old WrestleMania streak. The Deadman and HBK went one-on-one twice in two consecutive Manias (WM 25 & WM26) with HBK taking the fall.

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His last match with The Phenom was a career vs. streak match. HBK has so far honoured his retirement stipulation and has denied a comeback even after constant pleas from WWE and its Superstars.

After a career of infinite highs and minimal lows, Shawn Michaels’ net worth sums up to an overwhelming $17 million.

Shawn Michaels net worth- $17 million

A breakdown of ‘Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels’ net worth


Mr. WrestleMania

During his illustrious career, Shawn Michaels was always a regular at the grandest stage of them all. His precocious talent always kept HBK, head and shoulders above his competition. Michaels developed his own style and delivered some career defining bouts at the paramount show. Thus he truly deserves the title of Mr Wrestlemania.

During his wrestling days, Michaels was a top draw and was earning close to $1 million in a year. Even though his retirement saw a slump in his paycheck, he still continues to draw money from WWE as an ambassador.

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The boy toy and his toy
The boy toy and his toy

Even though, his on-screen character during his early days, was of a larger than life Superstar. Michaels in his real life is known to be a modest man, who is above the materialistic notions of society.

He owns a couple of America muscle cars but is famous for driving around Texas, in his GM pickup truck. Did I mention how modest the man is?


An ariel view of HBK’s abode
An ariel view of HBK’s abode

Shawn Michaels owns a beautiful 5500 sq. ft. property in his hometown, San Antonio, Texas. While the house might not stand anywhere close to the castles, other wrestlers have. It is a comfortable home, with all the necessities.

You probably cannot contemplate how modest this man truly is. 

Other Ventures

Shawn Michaels launched his autobiography entitled, Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar, on February 10th, 2015. The book is co-written by David Thomas and is a true testament to the greatness of this man.


He was also featured on the cover of Playgirl magazine, in 1996. At the time of the shoot, Michaels’s wasn’t aware that it mostly has a homosexual readership. Over the years Michaels has been teased for this shoot by other Superstars.

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Shawn Michaels is also the host of an outdoor show, “Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures”. It is co-hosted by his long-time friend and hunting partner Keith Mark. The show airs on CarbonTV.

Michael’s is no stranger to locking horns with animals
Michael’s is no stranger to locking horns with animals


Here is a list of the Net Worth of Superstars, HBK locked horns with!

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Published 18 Nov 2016, 16:01 IST
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