Minecraft Socials

Last Modified Feb 23, 2022 10:56 GMT

Minecraft is a game developed by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios. The game was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011. There are three editions of Minecraft namely, Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and Education Edition.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game where players can interact with a fully modifiable three-dimensional environment made of blocks and entities. The gameplay lets players choose how they want to play the game.

Minecraft Socials is a social emotional kit where these worlds and activities support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). The concepts include emotional well-being, empathy, and making responsible decisions.

In 2017, Microsoft worked with educational researchers at Getting Smart on a study of students learning with Minecraft: Education Edition. More than 90% of surveyed teachers cited problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration as skills gained through using Minecraft in the classroom. In the two years since the study, several additional reports have cited the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) benefits of Minecraft.

The Mindful Knight, an interactive world in Minecraft that provides an introduction to the basics of mindfulness which will help students understand the benefits and main concepts. Players will journey through a medieval world starting in a castle, moving through the woods, into a pond, down a minecart track, and finally into the dragon's lair. Players will face four challenges to learn about and practice mindfulness skills.