Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan

Personal Information

Full Name Michael T. Strahan
Debut September 5, 1993
Nickname Bob

Michael Strahan News

WATCH: Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella celebrates after finishing final round of chemotherapy WATCH: Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella celebrates after finishing final round of chemotherapy
WATCH: Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella celebrates after finishing final round of chemotherapy
Michael Strahan reveals Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys promised to draft him in 1993 - "Jimmy, you lied" Michael Strahan reveals Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys promised to draft him in 1993 - "Jimmy, you lied"
Michael Strahan reveals Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys promised to draft him in 1993 - "Jimmy, you lied"
“Charles Barkley hit me with this, the best” - Michael Strahan's remarkable encounter with NBA icon has Alex Rodriguez amused “Charles Barkley hit me with this, the best” - Michael Strahan's remarkable encounter with NBA icon has Alex Rodriguez amused
“Charles Barkley hit me with this, the best” - Michael Strahan's remarkable encounter with NBA icon has Alex Rodriguez amused
NFL legend Michael Strahan recalls terrifying ordeal of going to space with Jeff Bezos: “You have to come to grips with death” NFL legend Michael Strahan recalls terrifying ordeal of going to space with Jeff Bezos: “You have to come to grips with death”
NFL legend Michael Strahan recalls terrifying ordeal of going to space with Jeff Bezos: “You have to come to grips with death” 
Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella shares challenging experience of ‘egg freezing’ amid battle with brain cancer: “That was not fun” Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella shares challenging experience of ‘egg freezing’ amid battle with brain cancer: “That was not fun”
Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella shares challenging experience of ‘egg freezing’ amid battle with brain cancer: “That was not fun”

Michael Strahan: A Brief Biography

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

If you were a fan of the National Football League from the early 90s to the mid-2000s, you would most probably know very well who Michael Strahan is. The big 6 foot 5 inches, 255-pounder was a menace on defense and wreaked havoc on the field. Strahan played out his entire 15 years in the NFL with the New York Giants finally achieving his dream of winning a Super Bowl Ring in his final season.

Some adjectives that best describe the former Giant, are that he was explosive, powerful, and relentless in his pursuit of getting to the opposition quarterback. While he admitted once that as a rookie, he used to feel intimidated looking at all the veterans on the team in the locker room, it did not take long for him to establish himself as the feared one on the field. He was equally good as a pass rusher as well as a run stopper.

What made him even more difficult to contain was that along with his physical skills including speed and strength, he would play with a certain strategy as well. He combined his technique with his abilities to get the most out of a play. Strahan would also go on to become an impactful leader of the team and was a great motivator, especially for the other defenders on his team.

After having a great football career, Michael Strahan shifted his focus towards a career in television as he joined the Fox network for the pregame show in 2008. In 2011 he was also selected as the new co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael. Later, he also became a talk show host for Good Morning America. He has since continued to feature on additional shows as a host or co-host and has made several guest appearances as well.

Another interesting aspect of his life is when he took a space flight on December 11, 2021. He was on board Blue Origin NS-19 which was a nearly 10-minute space flight experience and included approximately 4 minutes of weightlessness before the crew came back down.

NameMichael Anthony Strahan
Age51 years
DOBNovember 21, 1971
Mother’s nameLouise Strahan née Traylor
Father’s nameGene Willie Strahan
ProfessionFormer NFL defensive end, current media personality
Net worthApproximately $65 Million
Height6 ft 5 inches (1.96 m)
Weight255 lb. (116 kg)
Education Honorary doctorate of humane letters
Relationship statusDivorced

Michael Strahan Early Life

Michael Strahan was born in the city of Houston, Texas on November 21, 1971. He was born into a large family which consisted of his parents and five elder siblings. He is the nephew of former NFL defensive end, Art Strahan whose passion for the game was imbibed by Michael himself.

The former Giants defender lived a few years outside of the United States as the family relocated to Germany when he was nine years old. As a result of which he did not get the proper exposure to the game during his high school years. Before his senior year of high school his father asked him if he wanted to pursue football to which Michael said yes. His father then sent him to live with his uncle Art in Houston where Strahan would finish his senior year at Westbury High School.

Even with less than normal football under his belt, Strahan did more than enough in his lone season to earn a scholarship from Texas Southern University.

It was evident from the get-go that Strahan was built to play football. In fact, it did not take long for him to quickly play at a high level even in college and he started drawing double teams within no time. Opposition coaches would have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to slow him down. He showed his dominance all through his college years registering a Texas Southern sacks record of 41.5 sacks. In his junior year alone, he had 15.5 sacks to lead all others in the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference). By the end of his junior year in 1993, Strahan declared for the NFL draft.

Michael Strahan Family Background

The current TV personality and media host was born in 1971 to parents Gene Willie Strahan and Louise Strahan née Traylor. He is the youngest of six siblings. Both of his parents have been staunch supporters of his career and have been proud to see the man they have raised not only in the professional world but also as a nice human being. Three of his elder brothers Chris, Vicktor, and Gene Jr. faced some tough times along with their father while working on humanitarian grounds. Strahan lives with a very tightly knit family where all siblings are very close to each other.

Michael Strahan Father

Michael Strahan with his father
Michael Strahan with his father - Image courtesy - Michael Strahan’s Instagram

Michael’s father, Gene Strahan Sr. was a retired Army Major. He also held a 1-1 boxing record against the future heavyweight champion Ken Norton. Unfortunately, in September 2020, the Strahan family had to grieve the loss of Gene Strahan Jr. who was 83 at the time of his death.

Strahan’s father had to relocate his family to Mannheim, Germany as his duty in the army warranted. He worked hard to provide help and care to the war-torn countries of Yugoslavia and Serbia. Along with his three oldest sons, Gene Sr. would load trucks with goods and distribute them to people who were in need during the war.

Michael’s father was instrumental in sending him back from Germany to the United States and making him realize his dream of playing football. Whenever the youngest Strahan felt homesick, he would tell his son that he and his wife both left their respective schools early to help their families. He did not wish to see the same happen to Michael. In a way, it was his father who pushed him to pursue his dreams so that he could lead a better life.

Michael Strahan Mother

Michael Strahan with his mother
Michael Strahan with his mother - Image courtesy - Michael Strahan’s Instagram

Raising a child is not an easy task let alone six. Louise Strahan had her work cut out for her but she has managed to do an excellent job in keeping her family close to each other. She also worked as a basketball coach but not much is known about her career.

What we do know however is that she has made multiple guest appearances on Michael’s shows. She has shown immense love and care for her son and has always been by his side.

Michael Strahan’s Ex-wives

Michael Strahan has had two marriages and unfortunately, both did not work out the way he would have liked. Both of his marriages failed and have now left him as a two-time divorcee. The Houston native first married Wanda Hutchins, from 1992 to 1996 with whom he shares two kids, one daughter and one son.

Hutchins is known to be a businesswoman who has her own business of home decoration and interior designing. Although the couple ended up divorcing, they still lead a life of mutual respect and have come together to support one another whenever required. Strahan himself provided financial stability and provided timely child support to Wanda.

Strahan’s second marriage in 1999 was to Jean Muggli whom he met at a spa. The pair finalized their divorce in 2006 but not before welcoming twin girls in 2004. His divorce with Muggli doesn’t seem to have gone as well as his first divorce though. It is not certain whether the two are still on talking terms or not.

Michael Strahan Kids

Michael Strahan’s oldest daughter
Michael Strahan’s oldest daughter - Image courtesy - Tanita Strahan’s Instagram

From his first marriage with Wanda Hutchins, Strahan’s firstborn is a daughter by the name of Tanita who was born in 1992. She and her younger brother used to live in Houston when their parents were married but after their parents divorced the kids went back to Germany to live with their mother. Tanita then came back to the U.S. to complete her education. She has received a degree in design and visual communication from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her father Michael said in an interview with New York Family in 2013 that he can relate to her personality which in some ways reflects his own personality.

Michael Strahan with his son
Michael Strahan with his son - Image courtesy - Michael Strahan’s Instagram

Strahan’s second child with Wanda and his only son is Michael Strahan Jr. who was born in 1994. Like his sister Tanita, Michael Jr. also lived a part of his life in Germany until he was 11 years old and then returned to the States. Michael said of his son that he is a smart and particular young man who loves taking care of his things. He is equally talented in Math and Science.

Michael Strahan’s twins
Michael Strahan’s twins - Image courtesy - Michael Strahan’s Instagram

From his second wife Jean Muggli, Strahan is a father of two beautiful twin girls Isabella and Sophia born in October 2004. Both girls have had one crazy life according to Strahan doing various interesting things like interviewing the First Lady, riding horses, and more.

According to the father of four, he thinks that Isabella is the more laid back of the two and doesn’t get too upset. She likes to keep things fun and simple. During her high school days, Isabella spent her free time playing volleyball and riding horses. She also took a big step in kick starting her modeling career which was met with overwhelming support from her father.

Talking about Sophia, Strahan mentioned how he was always surprised by her curiosity about things. She was always looking to ask questions and get answers. He further added that both his twins are very smart and were always into reading things which he would not have read when he was a young kid.

All in all, the father of four has his life busy with his work but he makes sure to find time for his kids. He has kept all four kids happy and has encouraged a healthy bond between them even though they don’t all share the same mother.

Michael Strahan Social Media

The television personality and celebrity that he is, it’s no wonder that he has a huge fan following on social media. In fact, he is constantly uploading content on his social media handles especially on Instagram where he has over 2,600 posts. Michael Strahan can be followed on social media via the following accounts:

  • Instagram - michaelstrahan

  • Facebook - Michael Strahan

  • X - @michaelstrahan

  • Youtube - @MichaelStrahan

Michael Strahan NFL Draft

After completing his junior year of college, Strahan decided to enter the 1993 NFL Draft. He was selected in the second round with pick number forty by the New York Giants. He was in the same draft class as former number one overall Drew Bledsoe, number three overall running back Garrison Hearst, linebacker Marvin Jones and fellow Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis.

Michael Strahan NFL Journey

Michael Strahan’s NFL journey begins and ends in New York as he spent his entire 15-year career with the Giants organization. Ever since he was drafted by the franchise in 1993, he has given everything he had to the team and left his soul on the field. Going out with the highest of highs after winning Super Bowl XLII, Strahan was able to finally realize his dream of lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

Michael Strahan Teams

New York Giants (1993 - 2007)

The big defensive end selected by the Giants in the second round took some time getting used to the NFL. His rookie year was hampered by injuries which caused him to miss all but 6 games of the season including the playoffs. After 1993, it would take Strahan another three years before he finally had a breakthrough year.

During this time from 1997 onwards, Strahan would rise up the ranks quickly and became one of the best defenders in his position. Several peers rated him as the top run stopper in the game at the time and he also started getting more sacks in this period. In the 2001 season, Strahan also set an NFL record with the most sacks in a season when he took down Packers quarterback Brett Favre for sack number 22.5. Twenty years later only T.J. Watt has managed to tie this record.

Strahan very nearly missed out on a Championship though as he was unsure of returning to the game after the 2006 season. He didn’t report to the Giants training camp nor did he participate in the preseason, but he made one final comeback in 2007 which ultimately resulted in him winning a ring.

In 2014, Michael Strahan was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame cementing his legendary status as one of the select few to get immortalized with the sport's biggest honor. Another honor was bestowed upon him when the Giants retired his number 92 in 2021.

Michael Strahan Career Stats


Michael Strahan Achievements

Being one of the most feared defenders in the league for over a decade means that Strahan must have accomplished some great feats along the way. One does not gain that level of respect in the NFL without putting in high level performances week in and out and for a sustained period. Having said that, below are some of Michael Strahan’s greatest accomplishments in the game.

  • Super Bowl XLII champion

  • Four-time first-team All-Pro (1997, 1998, 2001, 2003)

  • Seven-time Pro Bowl selection (1997-1999, 2001-2003, 2005)

  • AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2001)

  • NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

  • Number 92 retired by the New York Giants (2021)

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinee (2014)

Michael Strahan Super Bowl Win

The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII in the 2007 NFL season. This proved to be a win-win situation for both the player and the franchise as prior to the start of the season there was more than a good chance that Strahan would not come back for his 15th year. However, Strahan did opt to come back after the preseason and still had one of his best years with 9 sacks and 57 combined tackles in the year.

The Giants with a 10-6 regular season record somehow made their way to the title game where they came up against the mighty Tom Brady-led New England Patriots who were undefeated in the season. The game was one of the biggest upsets in the NFL as the Giants won 17-14 and dashed the Patriots' hopes of remaining undefeated.

Strahan contributed by spearheading a defense that totaled 5 sacks in the game. The former Giant recorded 1 sack and 3 tackles in the game.

Michael Strahan Last NFL Contract

According to reports on the internet, Michael Strahan signed his last contract with the Giants in 2002 for seven years and it was worth $46,298,000. He was handed a $15,598,000 signing bonus and the contract also included a $15,598,000 guarantee. This deal worked out to an average annual salary of $6,614,000.

As for his current earnings, it is widely speculated that he is earning a figure north of $15 million via his media duties and brand endorsements.

Michael Strahan Net Worth

Various sources have reported Michael Strahan’s latest net worth to be around $65 million. Of course, most of his wealth has been generated on the field as a former NFL player, but he has also amassed quite a fortune through his media career and endorsements. In fact, he has also dabbled into business as well providing him with another stream of income. Through his NFL career alone, he has reportedly earned a staggering $76,335,500.

Michael Strahan Brand Endorsements

During his playing days and even after retirement, Strahan has been a popular public figure. He has used this to his advantage and inked deals with various brands such as Metamucil, Subway, Snickers, Pizza Hut, Dr. Pepper, and Right Guard. He was however prohibited from endorsing brands once he took up the job with ABC’s Good Morning America show as a full-time co-host.

Michael Strahan Investments

The Houston native started his own apparel line linking up with the J.C. Penny chain of departmental stores. His line is famous for selling suits, collared shirts, ties, cufflinks, belts, suspenders, and other accessories.

Along with this venture, he also teamed up with his longtime rival Tom Brady with whom he launched a sports media venture called Religion of Sports.

Michael Strahan Diet

When he was younger, around 13 years old, his older siblings used to tease him all the time calling him BOB. Sometime later he found out that it meant “Booty on Back,” and that is when he decided to take care of his body. Ever since then, Strahan put in extra effort to tone down his weight and to exercise on a daily basis.

While that was one aspect of his health, he also concentrated on his diet to ensure he didn’t gain any additional weight. He is known to follow the 80-20 diet which means eating healthy 80% of the time. He has reduced his intake of food such as sugar, dairy, and pasta while incorporating a more high-protein diet.

Michael Strahan House

The former defensive end for the Giants has accumulated more than enough wealth to own a handful of properties if he desires. Previously he has owned homes in Los Angeles and New Jersey, both of which he sold. Currently, Strahan is residing in Manhattan, New York, on the Upper West Side to be more precise. As per the Good Morning America co-host, he likes to reside in that area as it gives him a sense of family life. He can easily blend in with the other residents and not be a known personality all the time.

He has provided some glimpses of his home through the photos he shares on social media. From that, we can make out the off-white-colored kitchen cabinets, a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast bar plus a sitting area. Another glimpse in a video shows a part of his living room with a flatscreen television, a big sofa, some art pieces, and a coffee table.

He has mentioned that he has a little backyard, a rare thing to find in New York. He likes to open the big French double doors to enjoy the sunshine and have breakfast. Apart from that most of the details have been kept private regarding his new home.

Michael Strahan Cars

Michael Strahan is a self-confessed car fanatic saying that he and his brothers would buy car magazines and talk about cars all the time as kids. His love for cars has carried over into his adult life as well and now with all the money in the world, he has built himself an extremely handsome garage featuring some top-of-the-line cars.

In his garage of cars, one can find an orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS which he states is one of his everyday cars. Other cars in his collection include a Porsche Carrera GT, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, a Hummer H1EV, a McLaren Senna 2018, a 1990 Lamborghini LM002, a Ford GTX1, and a Jaguar Series 3 E-type.


A. While fans are speculating whether Michael Strahan has left GMA, it seems he has just taken another leave of absence as he has done many times before.

A. Michael Strahan played only for the New York Giants. He spent 15 years with the franchise before retiring after the 2007 season.

A. Michael Strahan has won one Super Bowl in his fifteen-year career with the Giants. 

A. Michael Strahan has 145.5 career sacks to his name. 

A. Michael Strahan won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in the year 2001. It is the same year he set the record for the most sacks in a regular season with 22.5.

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