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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock house - Full lowdown on WWE Superstar's incredible mansions

Akshay Bapat
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The Rock cutting a promo in the WWE ring
The Great one has resided in some splendid houses

Movie stars earn a lot, especially when one is the highest-earning actor in the world. According to Forbes' 2016 report. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the most popular and richest celebrities on the planet. His unmatched charisma has taken him to unimaginable heights in the world of show business.

The Rock’s estimated net worth, according to Forbes, is $185 million dollars. It is a staggering number for a guy who is just in the midst of year number 15 of his career in the movie and entertainment industry. Just as staggering as that number, are some of the houses of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The Hollywood star currently resides in a ranch estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Being an actor, The Rock has purchased various properties in different parts of the countries where he had an extended stay during the filming and production process of his movies. He has multiple properties in the state of California – which includes a couple of apartments and a Villa.

He has also bought and dispatched numerous properties in his home state of Florida – which included a condo and another mansion. However, his three prime properties have been his Hidden Hills home, the Miami Mansion and his current residence in Fort Lauderdale.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was born on 2nd May 1972 in Hayward, California, United States of America. The Rock’s first big house was situated in the state of his birthplace, California. The 9000-square feet home included 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a majestic swimming pool and a screening room.

The mansion, 22 miles away from Hollywood, was located in Hidden Hills, California in Beverly Hills. Dwayne Johnson moved into this house with his wife and daughter. The Rock, however, put up this house on sale, in 2012. It was eventually sold for close to its $5 million dollars asking price.


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The Rock's Hidden Hills mansion
The Rock sold this beautiful mansion in 2012 for close to $5 million dollars

This huge property boasted of certain jaw-dropping features. A two-gallery entrance is the first thing that meets the eye when you cross the swimming pool which is in the front. The house also included an outdoor kitchen and a movie theatre.

The Master Bedroom and Movie room
The Master Bedroom and a spacious movie room 

The main bedroom or as it is called ‘master bedroom’ featured a huge bed, a TV, a rug on the front of the bed and some interior decoration.

Apart from these, there are five more bedrooms, one of which belonged to The Rock’s daughter, which had a pink theme. The Beverly Hills mansion was also equipped with a multiplex to watch movies with a cosy set up of 13 seats.

Guest room from the Hidden Hills mansion
Nice room for a guest of The Rock’s to stay

The Rock had also made a provision of a relaxing guest bedroom for the visitors. Another spare room also includes a deluxe bed, bathtub and it faces an outside view of the external environment. 

The outdoor kitchen of the Hidden Hills mansion
One could probably smell what The Rock cooked

The outdoor kitchen, along with the indoor Gourmet one, provided with it an ample amount of space and a grill with a cutting-edge barbeque.

After unloading the California abode, The Rock moved into a new house in his home state of Florida. He purchased the 13500-square feet estate situated in the upward region of Miami, from a former professional football player.

The splendid ranch home consisted of six bedrooms. six bathrooms, a fountain, media room and a barber shop, among other facilities. Just over a year later, The Rock disposed of the Miami mansion for $3 million dollars, suffering a loss of half a million dollars. 

The Rock's Miami mansion
The Rock bought this extravagant property from an ex-pro footballer player

The entire property covered close to 13200 square feet. A perfect and ideal place for the climate and weather of Florida, the house contained five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a kitchen which reflected the sunny weather of the state.

One of the striking features which one came to know once they arrived in the vicinity of the house was about the scenic beauty and the inherent greenery surrounding the grandiose estate. There is a beautiful garden on both the sides of the entrance with an abundance of greenery in the form of flowers and plants in and around the house.

The mini-theatre from the Miami mansion
A comfortable place to watch and enjoy movies

The house also contained a mini-cinema/theatre room to watch sports and movies. It also contained a wooden bar, kitchen and a dining area. The back of the mansion consisted of a massive swimming pool which again blended in with the summer theme of the place.

The next step for moving into a place which The Rock could call his ‘home’ was moving from one ranch-based property in Florida to another ranch-based property in Florida. The Rock moved into his current residence in Fort Lauderdale in the Broward County in 2014.

It is located in the stunningly elegant Landmark Ranch Estate in Southwest Ranches. The place typifies the definition of scenic beauty and features a serene and laid-back ranch-style setting. The specific interior descriptions of this house are not known yet.

The knowledge is to the extent that the place contains massive hallways, natural lightings and palatial rooms. The exterior of the house features three garages which are spread out on the either side of the front door.

The Rock's current residence in Fort Lauderdale
Dwayne Johnson bought this Florida-based ranch estate in 2014

Initially, the house accounted for $5.5 million dollars after Dwayne Johnson made plenty of renovations and extensive upgradations in it. He had also overseen and supervised construction of an additional room adjacent to the back of this mansion which is a custom-made gymnasium made for The Rock himself.

It also contains accommodation for his head trainer.

The Rock only had $7 in his pocket when he began his journey to the adulthood of his life and beyond. Through sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance, he has managed to achieve some incredibly remarkable things in his life and he has amassed a staggering net worth to prove it.

From living in the back of a car to being the possessor of some of the most beautiful and magnificent properties one can ever lay their eyes on, The Rock definitely lives just like his personality is – larger than life.

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