The Rock Diet Plan

Image Source: @therock
Image Source: @therock

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is one of the most well-known wrestlers ever. Hailing from the prestigious Anoa'i wrestling family, The Rock is the first-ever African-American title holder in WWE history and was the most outstanding star in WWE during the Attitude Era with "Steve Austin". He has additionally been incredibly effective as an entertainer and is now the world's most generously compensated entertainer known for his huge and solid figure. The Rock is dedicated to exercise schedules and healthy eating regimens to meet his energy needs.

A 10-time world title holder and the first African-American flaunts a renowned wrestling career. With honors, for example, two Intercontinental Titles, five Tag Team Titles, and a Royal Rumble win in 2000, he hardened his status as WWE's 6th Triple Crown champion. The Rock's immense popularity was apparent as he featured WrestleMania XXVIII which was one of the most-purchased pay-per-views in wrestling history. He also showed up on highly-watched episodes of RAW and SmackDown. Viewed as one of the best grapplers ever, The Rock's legacy in the ring is unequaled.

What is The Rock Diet?

For 6 days every week, The Rock adheres to a highly severe eating habit. He involves his rest day as a day for "cheat meals," which he accepts permits adaptability and keeps him from feeling denied. As indicated by his Instagram and online interviews, The Rock will eat 5-7 high-protein feasts on a normal day, with chicken, cod, eggs, steak, and protein powder as his primary protein sources. He likewise eats a lot of complex starches with rice, yam, oats, and stewed potatoes. He adds bunches of normal fats from peanut butter, eggs, fish oil, and coconut oil supplements for fat. He adds a cup of vegetables to the dinner, giving a lot of fiber, cell reinforcements, nutrients, and minerals.

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The Rock Daily Diet Plan

Most days of the week comprise 5-7 feasts to fuel his profoundly dynamic way of life. While every day will change, The Rock adheres to the fundamental staples in his eating routine, like lean proteins like cod, steak, chicken, and eggs, and complex carbs like rice, potatoes, cereal, and blended vegetables.

Number of MealsTimeItems
Meal 1Breakfast8 ounces of flank steak, whole and egg whites (8-10), 1.5 cups of brown rice, onions, peppers, and sautéed mushrooms.
Meal 2Mid-Morning8 ounces of cod, 12 ounces of sweet potato, and 1 cup of vegetables
Meal 3Lunch8 ounces of chicken, 2 cups of white rice, and 1 cup of vegetables
Meal 4Mid-Afternoon8 ounces of cod, 2 cups of white rice, 1 cup of vegetables, 1 tbsp of fish oil
Meal 5Late Afternoon8 ounces of steak, 12 ounces of baked potato, and spinach salad
Meal 6First Dinner10 ounces of cod, 2 cups of white rice, and leafy greens salad
Meal 7Second Dinneregg white omelet (8-10 eggs), 1 cup of vegetables, 1 tbsp. fish oil, and 30 grams of whey protein

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Post Workout Routine

As per his Instagram, The Rock likewise at times consumes a post-exercise smoothie within 10 minutes of completing his exercise. His post-exercise smoothie includes 1 apple, 1 scoop of electrolyte powder, 65–70 grams of whey protein, 30 grams of carbohydrate powder, water, ice, and creatine.


Q. What meal plan does The Rock follow?

A. The Rock follows 7 meal plans in a day.

Q. How many calories does The Rock intake?

A. The Rock intakes 5000 calories in a day.

Q. What is The Rock’s primary protein source?

A. Chicken, cod, eggs, steak, and protein powder are The Rock’s primary protein sources.

Q. What is The Rock’s daily diet cost?

A. The Rock’s daily meal costs $42.

Q. In which meal plan does The Rock include eggs?

A. The Rock includes eggs in breakfast and in the second dinner.