Jake Paul Haircut

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Jake Paul Haircut
Jake Paul [Image courtesy: @jakepaul on X]

The Paul brothers, Jake and Logan both initially found their success creating content on Vine. After the app went defunct in 2017, they both moved to YouTube, creating vlogs and prank videos to garner views. They have also had a lot of drama and controversies surrounding them, all of which have thrust them to the forefront of the public’s eye.

However, since Logan Paul’s suicide forest controversy in 2018, it seems that the two have calmed down a little. Logan started his podcast, the IMPAULSIVE, and both brothers have started a career in professional boxing.

Of the two, Jake, in particular, is known for his somewhat weird antics. He’s done things like hosting house parties without masks in the midst of a pandemic and creating a diss track about his brother for seemingly no reason.

However, it appears that moving to professional boxing may have calmed his previously outlandish behavior, possibly to garner views. On April 17th 2021, in his first professional fight against an established fighter, Paul knocked out former UFC star Ben Askren in the first round of their exhibition bout. In his pro-boxing career, Jake Paul is currently 6-1.

All that media attention means that you’ve gotta look your best, and one of the most important things about looking good is a good haircut. Jake Paul has found his and has gone with it for quite a while now. Here is a breakdown of the superstar’s favorite cut.

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Jake Paul Haircuts

Paul has tried out many different ways to style his hair. However, one thing remains in common throughout all his haircuts. He ALWAYS gets some type of fade.

A fade is a type of cut where the sides and back of the hair are shaved or kept short with a trimmer while the rest of the hair on your head remains longer. Fade haircuts were originally seen in the military in the 40's and 50’s but only became popular in the 90's. Jake Paul usually rocks a mid to high fade, with the rest of his hair styled in different ways.

Mid Fade

When his hair is cut in mid-fade, he uses a product to keep his hair up, as shown. Alternatively, if it isn’t styled, he usually keeps it curly and slightly short. He also leaves it messy when growing, allowing his hair to get a mop-top-like look.

Jake Paul's Mid Fade Haircut
Image Credits: Pinterest

Jake Paul's Mid Fade Hairstyle
Image Credits: Pinterest

High Fade

When rocking the high fade, he usually gets a skin fade i.e. completely bald on the sides. In addition, the transition from short to long hair is a lot more sudden. The hair on top with this cut is usually short and curly, though it can be long and straightened too.

[Image Credits: The Mirror]

Jake Paul's High Fade Hairstyle
[Image Credits: The Mirror]

How to get a Haircut like Jake Paul?

In order to get a haircut like Jake Paul, the easiest is to show a barber a picture. Alternatively, you can ask for a mid or high fade with the hair on top dyed blonde and curly or permed. Lastly, you can do it yourself. This video explains how to cut your hair like Jake Paul:


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Q. What is the name of Jake Paul's haircut?

A. Jake Paul usually sports a mid-fade or a high-fade haircut.

Q. How to get a haircut like Jake Paul?

A. Jake Paul's haircut can be achieved by getting a mid-to-high fade and letting the top of your hair grow out. Additionally, a product can be used to style it like Jake Paul.

Q. Is Jake Paul going bald?

A. It is currently unsure if Jake Paul is going bald. Some sources speculate that he is hiding his receding hairline with his blonde mop of hair on top.

Q .What is the color of Jake Paul hair?

A. Jake Paul's hair color is blonde.

Q. How old is Jake Paul?

A. Jake Paul is currently 27 years old.