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Jake Paul v Tommy Fury - Press Conference
Jake Paul

Jake Paul is almost a household name today. Making his claim to fame on Vine before the app went defunct in 2017, he moved to YouTube. He has since done vlogging, prank videos, podcasts, and much more. Today, he is a professional boxer with an 8-1 fight record. He also fought against Tommy Fury on February 26, 2023, a fight he lost via a split decision.

For his last outing, Jake Paul had a first-round knockout win over Andre August on December 15, 2023, in Florida, United States. Moreover, 'The Problem Child' is scheduled to face Ryan Bourland for his next fight on March 2, 2024, in San Juan.

How many cars does Jake Paul have?

Jake Paul’s career with vlogging and now boxing has got him a lot of fame and revenue. It is estimated that he currently has a net worth of over $60 million. Among other things, he has a passion for cars. Here is a list of all his rides:

Tesla Model X

The only electric car in this list, the Tesla Model X is a top-end E.V. Starting at $80,000 with a range of 305 miles with a full battery, this car is known for its gull wings. Paul got his customized at West Coast customs. It now features a unique custom wrap, sandblasted details, and carbon accents.


Ford Focus RS

A slightly more affordable car, this $40k Ford has a top speed of 160 mph. Paul got this one customized from WCC too. It now features a mix of “drippy” colors like red, yellow, blue, and pink to create a true one-of-a-kind showstopper on the roads.


Lamborghini Huracan Performante

The third and last “confirmed” car of Jake Paul's, this is a true supercar. This Lambo has 631hp from its naturally-aspirated, 5.2l V10 engine. It’s got a bright blue finish and is Paul’s “dream car.” with a whopping $350k price tag.

Jake Paul Lambhorgini
Source: Dexerto.com

Ferrari 296 GTB

Paul's latest addition to his car collection was the Ferrari 296 GTB, which he purchased for a whopping $421,000. The "296" in its name refers to its 2.9-liter V6 engine combined with an electric motor, making it a part of Ferrari's new generation of hybrid supercars.


In addition to all these, Paul has been spotted in many other rides. Mercedes G wagons, Audi R8s, BMW M2s and many more have been seen on his social media. However, it is unknown whether he owns them or not.

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Q. Does Logan Paul own a Bugatti?

A. Logan Paul does not own a Bugatti. He teamed up with a company called Deals On Wheels to drive a custom Bugatti Veyron with his brand on the side for a day.

Q. How many cars does Jake Paul have?

A. Jake Paul owns around 6 cars.

Q. What kind of Tesla does Jake Paul have?

A. Jake Paul owns a Tesla Model X.

Q. How tall is Jake Paul?

A. Jake Paul stands 1.85 m tall. 

Q. How old is Jake Paul?

A. Jake Paul is 27-years-old.