Alexander Zverev Daughter

Alexander Zverev Daughter
Alexander Zverev

Following the footsteps of fellow German trailblazers like Boris Becker, Alexander Zverev is widely recognized as a giant killer on the ATP Tour. Sascha has a world ranking of No.5 as of March 2024 and achieved a career-high ranking of No.2 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Zverev's career highlights include ATP Finals victories in 2018 and 2021 and a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Zverev has won 21 singles and two doubles ATP Tour titles thus far, including five ATP 1000 events. He also finished as a semifinalist at the 2024 Los Cabos Open, where he lost to Jordan Thompson.

His best grand slam performance of the current season included reaching the semifinal of the 2024 Australian Open, where he lost to Daniil Medvedev in the semifinal after being up by two sets. He also finished as a finalist at the 2020 US Open.

Zverev finished semifinalist at the 2024 Miami Open, where he lost to Grigor Dimitrov with a final score of 6-4, 6-7, 6-4. He reached the quarterfinals of the 2024 BNP Paribas Open, where he lost to Carlos Alcaraz.

Zverev returned in the United Cup the following year, where he won his first team event since the Laver Cup in 2021, thus kickstarting his rise in the rankings again. Unlike the stereotypical view of "serve-bots'', Alexander Zverev has a well-rounded game with every possible shot in the book.

Although his lean figure can be potentially misleading, his venomous groundstrokes have made him a player to fear for several years now. He is widely recognized as the former Junior No.1 and is the only active player outside of the Big Four with five Masters 1000 victories.

Unfortunately, Alexander Zverev tore three ligaments in his ankle during the semifinals of the 2022 French Open against Rafael Nadal, forcing him to miss the 2022 Wimbledon.

Who is Alexander Zverev's Child?

Mayla is the cute little angel born to Alexander Zverev, and his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea.

Who is Mayla’s Mother?

Born on September 2, 1993, Brenda Patea is a German model, and the mother of Mayla. The attractive model was dating former World No.2 Alexander Zverev for less than a year, but had to split because of personal reasons. However, it was after their breakup that their daughter Mayla was born.

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When Was Mayla Born?

Brenda Patea surprised the tennis fraternity by announcing her pregnancy in October 2022, and she welcomed her little charm on March 11 , 2021.

Did Brenda Patea and Alexander Zverev Patch Up After Mayla Was Born?

N, Brenda Patea confirmed that she is going to raise the child alone, thus quashing any rumors of a potential rekindling with Alexander Zverev. Additionally, she announced that there will be no custody needed from her ex-boyfriend Alexander Zverev.

“We don’t have any communication with Alex right now, and frankly, I don’t plan to share custody of my child with him . But I will do everything to ensure that (the child grows) up in a harmonious and proper environment. I have the chance to raise my child alone” Brenda verbalized.

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Brenda Patea Social Media

The social media star Brenda Patea has an Instagram account with 274k followers. (

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Q. Who is Alexander Zverev's child?

A. Mayla is Alexander Zverev's daughter with his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea.

Q. When was Mayla Zverev born?

A. Mayla was born on March 11, 2021.

Q. What is the height of Alexander Zverev?

A. Alexander Zverev stands at 6 feet 6 inches or 1.98 meters, tall.

Q. What is the net worth of Alexander Zverev?

A. The net worth of Alexander Zverev is estimated to be $35 million as of March 2024.

Q. Has Alexander Zverev won a Grand Slam?

A. No, Alexander Zverev is yet to win a Grand Slam title, as of March 2024.