Jessica Pegula Parents

Jessica Pegula Parents
Jessica Pegula with her parents

Jessica Pegula may not be the World No.1 in singles just yet, but USA's Pegula is making everyone stand up and take note of her recent performances in singles and doubles. Watching two of their top guns battle it out in singles and then team up to conquer the WTA in women's doubles will be a sight to behold for any American.

Pegula won her first WTA title in 2019 and hasn't looked back since. She broke into the Top 100 the same year and went on to reach the quarterfinal stages of multiple Majors since 2021.

As of the culmination of the 2024 season, Pegula has eleven career titles (four in singles and seven in doubles). Additionally, she also reached the mixed doubles final at the 2023 US Open. Whenever one talks about the top players on the women's circuit, Pegula's name is a permanent pop-up among other prominent superstars.

Pegula ended last season on strong notes, which includes reaching the career-high ranking of World No. 1 in doubles. She, along with her doubles partner Coco Gauff, qualified for the 2023 WTA Finals. She has qualified for the tournament as a pair and also individually, thus becoming the first player to qualify in both categories in back-to-back years since Sara Errani in 2012-13. She finished runner-up at the tournament after losing to World No. 1 Iga Swiatek. She became the first woman player in the Open Era to play the No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 player in the same tournament.

Her grand slam accomplishments include reaching the quarterfinals of all four Grand Slam tournaments in the singles category six. It includes reaching the quarter-final of the Australian Open thrice, French Open(2022), Wimbledon Open(2023) and US Open (2022) once in her career. She finished as a finalist in the doubles category at the 2022 French Open.

After her second-round exit at the 2024 Australian Open, Pegula parted ways with coach David Witt. She also suffered a neck injury, due to which she took a break from tennis. Pegula made a comeback at the 2024 San Diego Open, where she was a semifinalist in the singles category and a finalist in the doubles category, along with Desirae Krawczyk.

One of the striking features of Pegula's game is her accuracy. Although she self-admittedly deceives people into assuming that she doesn't hit hard, the 30-year-old has the ability to be the aggressor and paint the lines like very few can.

NameJessica Pegula
Source of IncomeProfessional Tennis, Endorsements
Net WorthEstimated $12 million
Marital StatusMarried (to Taylor Gahagen)
Popular EndorsementsAdidas, Ready24 and Yonex
ResidenceBoca Raton, Florida, USA

Who are Jessica Pegula’s Parents?

Jessica Pegula is the daughter of an American father Terrence Michael Pegula, aka, Terry Pegula, and a Korean mother Kim Pegula. The Pegulas are successful business owners. Terry Pegula is the owner of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, which in turn owns the NHL team Buffalo Sabres and the NFL team Buffalo Bills. Kim Pegula is the CEO of Pegula Sports and Entertainment and the co-owner of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, along with her husband. She is also a member of the NFL business venture committee and the NFL’s Super Bowl committee.

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Who is Jessica Pegula’s Father?

Terry Pegula is Jessica Pegula’s father. He was born on March 27, 1951, in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. The American completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, from Penn State University in Pennsylvania, United States. He initially worked with Getty Oil and Felmont Oil Co, but soon founded his own organization East Resources, which was a natural gas drilling company. Terry Pegula's net worth is estimated to be $6.80 billion as of January 2024.

Terry Pegula made use of the limited capital he sourced from his family and friends, and started the company. It turned out to be a huge success and profited heavily upon the discovery of deep layers of natural gas in the Marcellus Formation (a Middle Devonian age unit of sedimentary rock found in Eastern North America) and the development of the hydraulic fracturing recovery process was also a revelation. After a few years, the businessman sold a few of his company’s assets to Multinational Oil Company’s Royal Dutch Shell and American Energy Partners LP. He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida along with his second wife Kim Pegula.

Jessica Pegula Parents
Jessica Pegula's father - Terry Pegula

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Who is Jessica Pegula’s Mother?

Kim Pegula is Jessica Pegula’s mother. She was born on June 7, 1969, in Seoul, South Korea. Kim was then brought to the United States and adopted by Ralph and Marilyn Kerr on December 30, 1974, and grew up in Fairport, New York, a suburb of Rochester. She passed out of Houghton College and applied for work as a waitress at a restaurant in Belfast, New York.

While interviewing for the same, Mrs. Pegula interacted with Terry Pegula, who was dining at the restaurant. Shortly after their first meeting, the pair started seeing each other, and Kim also started working in Terry’s natural gas company. The couple soon got married, and Kim Pegula has been actively involved in her husband’s businesses. She also influenced the planning and construction of Terry’s LECOM Harborcenter, a mixed-use development next to the Sabres’ arena which is a part of the revitalization of downtown Buffalo.

Kim Pegula was the first female president in both the NFL and NHL when she became president of the Bills and Sabres franchises.

What Nationality are Jessica Pegula’s Parents?

Jessica Pegula’s parents Kim Pegula and Terry Pegula are Americans. However, Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea.

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How Old Are Jessica Pegula’s Parents?

Jessica Pegula’s father Terry Pegula is 72-years-old and her mother Kim Pegula is 54-years-old, as of January 2024.

Jessica Pegula’s Parents' Family

Terry and Kim Pegula have three children, Kelly, Mathew and Jessica. Kim also has two stepchildren Micheal and Laura, from Terry Pegula's previous marriage. The Pegulas have homes in East Aurora, New York, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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Are Jessica Pegula’s Parents Still Married?

Yes, Jessica Pegula’s parents are married to this date.


Q. Who are Jessica Pegula's parents?

A. Jessica Pegula is the daughter of billionaires Terrence Michael Pegula (aka Terry) and Kim Pegula. 

Q. What is the net worth of Terry Pegula?

A. The net worth of Terry Pegula is estimated to be $7 billion as of March 2024.

Q. What is the height of Jessica Pegula?

A. Jessica Pegula stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q. Is Jessica Pegula the number one ranked American player?

A. No, Jessica Pegula is not the highest ranked American on the WTA Tour, as of January 2024. While Pegula has a singles ranking of No.5 in the world, Coco Gauff is ranked No.3 in the world.

Q. What is Jessica Pegula's age?

A. Jessica Pegula is 30-years-old, as of 2024.