Rafael Nadal Watch

June 3 1986 born, Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal ruled the men’s singles for almost two decades. He has held the top spot in the world rankings for 209 weeks and five times at the end of the year. He has 92 ATP singles titles under his belt, including 36 Masters titles, 63 of which he has won on clay.

One of Nadal's most significant assets as a powerful left-handed player is his forehand. He plays with incredibly heavy topspin at challenging angles at return games, returns points, and break points won, making him one of the greatest at breaking serves.

What is the luxury watch that Rafael Nadal wears?

Rafael Nadal wears Richard Mille RM27-04. The Spanardian has been Richard Mille's watch brand ambassador since 2010. He is sporting a pricey timepiece with only 50 examples made.

What is the cost of Rafael Nadal’s watch?

The New Richard Mille RM 27-04 is a new, expensive hyper-watch that costs $1,050,000 and is limited to just 50 pieces.

Why does Nadal's watch cost so much money?

The luxury watch is specially constructed to endure forces of up to 5,000 Gs and is manufactured to rigorous specifications for a professional athlete to wear while playing. A Richard Mille watch's price might vary depending on its complications, materials, and limited edition collections.

What is the price of Richard Mille?

The price range for Richard Mille products is $60,000 to $1,300,000. At retail MSRP, the average Richard Mille timepiece is priced at over $200,000.

When did Rafael Nadal start wearing Richard Mille?

Rafael Nadal is known to Richard Mille since 2008. Rafael had never worn a watch when he first met Richard Mille in 2008.”Richard came to my house and showed me a model saying: ‘this is the watch that we made for you. The watch was in platinum so very heavy, I was very confused and didn’t realize that he was joking. As soon as I tried the real watch on, I loved it. We were on the same wavelength.

The watch is now like a second skin for me.”Rafael commented.