Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson

#92 Defensive Tackle
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Personal Information

Full Name Amir Johnson
Position Defensive Tackle
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.87 m)
Weight 275 lbs (125 kgs)
Debut 1137974400
Nickname Paper Thin
Spouse Daria Marie Mitchell

Amir Johnson: A Brief Biography

Amir Johnson is an American professional basketball player. After spending 14 seasons in the NBA with the Pistons, the Raptors, Celtics and the Sixers, he is currently playing in G-league with Ignite team. Johnson was drafted late in the 2005 NBA draft.

NameAmir Jalla Johnson
BornMay 1, 1987
Height6 Ft 9 in
DebutJanuary 6, 2006

BIG3 - Championship
Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson's early life

LA-born Amir Johnson grew up mainly in South Central Los Angeles. Johnson was Tall and athletic, so playing for his high-school team was difficult. He even tried to change the school to get more game time in his first year only.

But later, playing for Verbum Dei High School, Amir Johnson established himself as a star player and made the most of the opportunities. After a solid sophomore season, Johnson was again benched for most of his junior year. In his senior year, though, Johnson remained the team's focal offensive weapon. Johnson led the Westchester team to a state title. He was awarded California Mr Basketball and was subsequently named a McDonald's All-American.

Amir Johnson selected the University of Louisville as his college. But without playing a single game for them, Johnson was declared for the NBA draft in 2005.

Amir Johnson's NBA Journey

Amir Johnson was the 56th overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons. But he played in just three games for the team and was sent to a development project with Fayetteville Patriots. The High-school graduate returned full-time with the franchise in his third season, playing 62 games in consecutive seasons.

Failing to get starts in any of the regular season games, free agent Johnson signed for the Raptors in 2009. He spent 6 seasons with the Raptors and even had his best career records with the team. In 2014, Johnson recorded his best average of 10.4 points in the regular season, clocking 28.8 minutes on the hardwood. Johnson began to embrace the city of Toronto, quoting, "Toronto is part of me. I've been around, and the people are very kind. I love it here."

In 2015, Johnson moved to the Celtics, more as a backup for their starters. After two seasons with the Celtics, Johnson signed for their divisional rivals, the Sixers, in 2017. He played his last NBA game with them.

Amir Johnson's Awards and achievements

The 30-year-old star played 14 seasons in the league and had limited game time during his high school career.

1* the NBA Hustle Award2018Philadelphia 76ers
1* California Mr. Basketball2005Westchester High School
1* McDonald’s All American2005Westchester High School

Amir Johnson's Records

Injuries and personal issues limited Amir Johnson's career at the high school level and in the NBA.

  • He was drafted in 2005 without any college-level Basketball experience. He was the last player to do so because of the NBA's draft selection rule change in 2006. (Satnam Singh Bhamara was the later high-school player addition to the league in 2015)

Amir Johnson's Contract

Amir Johnson last played for the Philadelphia 76ers in the league in 2018. He was on minimum contract during that period, drawing a $2.3 Million annual salary from the franchise. Currently, Johnson is playing in G-league with Ignite team.

Amir Johnson's Net worth

After spending nearly 14 seasons in the league, Amir Johnson has a net worth of around $24 Million.

Amir Johnson's Family and wife

Amir Johnson has a sister, Indi, playing in the College basketball team. She also plays a forward position for Southern University's women's basketball team. Johnson's cousins are also related to the sports industry, with Kevin and Kaelin Burnett playing in the NFL as linebackers.

Amir Johnson's Wife is Daria Marie Mitchell, and the married couple has two children. Known for his charity work, Johnson is associated with many community activities for low-income youth. ,


A. Amir Johnson was late 56th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft
A. Although the 35-year-old veteran is still active on the court, he played his last NBA game for the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2019 season. He currently plays for team Ignite in G-league.  
A. Amir Johnson is 6 Ft. 9 in (2.06 meters) tall. 
A. Amir Johnson plays the small forward role, shifting to the power forward position if required.
A. Amir Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California.
A. Amir Johnson played in fourteen regular seasons and eight playoff appearances but never won any championship.
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