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CoA to MCA: New Constitution not compliant, will declare election null and void

70   //    27 Apr 2018, 21:29 IST

New Delhi, Apr 27 (PTI) The Committee of Administrators (CoA) today came down heavily on Maharashtra Cricket Association for trying to conduct fresh election on the basis of a new constitution which is non-compliant.

Maharashtra CA secretary Riyaz Bagwan had sent circulars to all district units stating that elections would be conducted on May 2 as per the newly amended constitution conforming to Lodha Committee recommendations.

However, CoA after scrutiny of the new constitution found out a lot of anomalies and pointed it out in a two-page letter making it clear that in case elections are held, it would be declared "null and void".

"The elections proposed to be held on 2nd May 2018 are contrary to the directives issued by the Hon'ble Justice Lodha Committee in exercise of the powers conferred on it vide the Judgment since the Amended Constitution is not compliant with the Judgment," COA wrote in its letter.

"The Committee of Administrators and the BCCI will treat the MCA as a defaulting State Association and shall not recognize the results of such elections and treat the same as null and void," the Vinod Rai-led committee made it clear.

Without naming Bagwan, CoA made it clear that any person trying to violate the Lodha Committee directive will be reported to the apex court.

"Any person(s) involved in the conduct of or participating in the elections shall be held responsible for having wilfully acted in violation of the Judgment and consequent directions issued by the Hon'ble Justice Lodha Committee and the Committee of Administrators shall take such steps/ action as it considers appropriate in this regard including by bringing the same to the attention of the Hon'ble Supreme Court," it stated.

For the purpose of ensuring compliance by all concerned, the Committee of Administrators is directing the CEO of BCCI and the Secretary of the MCA to put up a copy of this communication on the websites of BCCI and MCA respectively.

Among the anomalies found out, it was noted that CoA received an e-mail from former MCA president (Abhay Apte) stating "there are certain differences between the Amended Constitution (as sent by the Secretary of the MCA) and the one that was finally discussed and approved at the Special General Meeting of the MCA held on 7th April 2018 which he presided over.

"This fact alone casts serious doubts as to the sanctity of the Amended Constitution," COA said.

"The COA is of the view that the Amended Constitution substantially deviates from the recommendations of the Hon'ble Justice Lodha Committee as accepted by the Hon'ble Supreme Court vide its judgment dated 18th July 2016 (Judgment) and is not compliant with the same

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