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5 Instances when MMA fighters fought outside the cage

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Wanderlei and Chael’s feud was as real as it gets
Wanderlei and Chael’s feud was as real as it gets

Mixed martial artists are a unique breed of people, with many of them possessing certain qualities that definitely make them stand out above your average human. Some of them have larger than life personalities meanwhile others take on the silent assassin approach, but either way, you don't want to get into any kind of scuffle with them - or else.

Unfortunately, a few fighters have taken it upon themselves to get involved in fights outside of the Octagon, which is obviously a big no-no in the eyes of the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as promotions around the world as you can imagine.

Still, it's something that does indeed happen every so often and it needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt.

It shows a real lack of professionalism when it takes place from both parties, however, the fighters especially need to know better. The funny thing about this list, however, is that a lot of the scraps actually happen between the professional fighters themselves as opposed to it just being a stranger who wants to make a name for themselves.

Now that really is baffling. With that in mind, here are five instances when MMA fighters fought outside the cage.

#1 Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

A lot of fans could see this one coming from a mile away, but the way it went down actually did surprise many. During filming for their Ultimate Fighter season against one another, Wanderlei Silva demanded that Chael Sonnen apologise for all of the things that he'd said about him and his country over the years - however, The Bad Guy obviously refused.

It was clear that there was a storyline brewing that the UFC wanted both guys to follow, however, Wanderlei couldn't resist trying to goad Sonnen into a fight. Chael didn't want to engage the Brazilian as he knew how unprofessional it would've been, however, Silva swung at the American which led to Chael taking Wanderlei down before numerous fighters pulled them off each other. 

Onto a situation that's even more interesting now looking back on it.

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