How Tall is Alex Pereira?

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UFC 281: Adesanya v Pereira
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Alex Pereira is a professional kickboxer and a former UFC middleweight champion. He was born on April 26, 1987, in Sao Paulo. Pereira has competed in several kickboxing organizations, including Glory Kickboxing, where he is a two-time middleweight champion.

Pereira, known for his monstrous knockout power and laser-precise striking, made a highly anticipated transition from kickboxing to MMA in 2015 when he signed with Jungle Fight. He made his UFC debut on November 6, 2021, with a 3-1 MMA record at the time and impressed fans and experts with his striking skills and ability to adapt to grappling. Outside the ring, Pereira is admired for his humble and charitable endeavors, displaying dignity and sportsmanship in and out of competition. He currently holds an impressive MMA record of 9 wins and 2 losses and is already a former UFC middleweight champion and the current light heavyweight champion of the promotion.

How tall is Alex Pereira?

UFC 276 Weigh-ins: Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira is 6 feet 4 inches tall (193 cm). This makes him a fairly tall athlete, especially for his weight class. Being tall can be an advantage for combat sports athletes, as it can give them a longer reach and allow them to strike from a distance. Pereira's height, combined with his explosive striking abilities, make him a dangerous opponent in the light heavyweight division of the UFC.

How much does Alex Pereira weigh?

Alex Pereira competes in the light heavyweight division of the UFC and weighs 205 lb (93 kg). Pereira often expressed his struggles with cutting weight when he competed in the middleweight division, which eventually got so bad that he needed to go up a division to not suffer from health consequences.

Alex Pereira is scheduled to fight at light heavyweight for the third time at UFC 300: Pereira vs. Hill, where he will headline the main event alongside Jamahal Hill in a light heavyweight title showdown.

What is the meaning of Alex Pereira’s nickname?

Alex Pereira is nicknamed ‘Poatan’. It is derived from the indigenous language Tupi-Guarani, where Po stands for ‘Hand,’ and Atan means ‘Stone,’ and hence Poatan stands for “Hand of Stone.” This nickname is fitting for a fighter like Pereira, as he holds thunderous striking capabilities and immense knockout power in his arsenal.

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FAQs on Alex Pereira Height

Q. Is Alex Pereira a black belt in BJJ?

A. No, but Alex Pereira was awarded a brown belt in BJJ a few days after becoming the UFC Middleweight champion.

Q. Has Alex Pereira ever lost in UFC?

A. Out of his 7 fights in the UFC, Pereira has lost only 1 fight (against Adesanya at UFC 287).

Q. Is Alex Pereira the greatest kickboxer of all time?

A. Pereira is considered one of the greatest kickboxers to ever live. He holds a professional kickboxing record of 33 wins and 7 losses.

Q. How tall is Alex Pereira?

A. Pereira stands at 6 feet 4 inches or 193 cm tall.

Q. Why did Alex Pereira move to the light heavyweight division?

A. Alex Pereira was too big of a person to compete in the middleweight division, which caused him trouble when it came to cutting weight before fights. This decision forced Pereira to move up in division to the light-heavyweight category.