Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes January 2024

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Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox game developed by RELL World. It is a survival game that combines elements of the ninja and zombie genres. In the game, players start out as a ninja who must fight against waves of zombies and other enemies to survive. Players can unlock new weapons, abilities, and gear as they progress through the game.

The game also offers a variety of different gameplay modes, including 1v1 battles, tournaments, and more. Players can team up with friends to take on these challenges together, or they can compete against each other in player vs player matches. It offers a unique take on the genre. Its character customization system adds an extra level of depth and strategy to the game, and the various gameplay modes provide plenty of content to explore.

Active Slayers Unleashed codes January 2024

SundayBreathingRerollRerolls Breathing
SundayBreathingReroll2Rerolls Breathing
SundayBreathingReroll3Rerolls Breathing
SundayBreathingReroll4Rerolls Breathing
SundayBDARerollRerolls BDA
SundayBDAReroll2Rerolls BDA
SundayBDAReroll3Rerolls BDA
SundayBDAReroll4Rerolls BDA
SundayClanRerollRerolls Clan
SundayClanReroll2Rerolls Clan
SundayClanReroll3Rerolls Clan
SundayClanReroll4Rerolls Clan
SundayRaceRerollRerolls Race
SundayRaceReroll2Rerolls Race
SundayRaceReroll3Rerolls Race
SundayRaceReroll4Rerolls Race
SundayMarkRerollRerollsSlayer Mark
SundayMarkReroll2RerollsSlayer Mark
SundayExpBoostEXP Boost
SundayExpBoost2EXP Boost
SundayDropBoostDrop Boost
SundayDropBoostDrop Boost
SundayStatResetResets Stats
380KLikesSpins15 spins
380KLikesExpBoost15 min XP boost
380KLikesExpBoost215 min XP boost
380KLikesDropBoost15 minute drop boost
380KLikesDropBoost215 minute drop boost
380KLikesStatResetReset stat points
Halloween2023SpinsFree Spins
Halloween2023ExpBoostXP Boost
Halloween2023ExpBoost2XP Boost
Halloween2023ExpBoost3XP Boost
Halloween2023DropBoostDrop Boost
Halloween2023DropBoost2Drop Boost
Halloween2023DropBoost3Drop Boost
Halloween2023StatResetStat Reset
PreHalloweenSpinsFree Spins
PreHalloweenStatResetStat Reset
PreHalloweenStatReset1Stat Reset
PreHalloweenExpBoostXP Boost
PreHalloweenExpBoost1XP Boost
PreHalloweenDropBoostDrop Boost
PreHalloweenDropBoost1Drop Boost
MoonReworkSpinsFree Spins
MoonReworkExpBoostXP Boosts
MoonReworkExpBoost2XP Boosts
MoonReworkExpBoost3XP Boosts
MoonReworkDropBoostDrop Boost
MoonReworkDropBoost2Drop Boost
MoonReworkDropBoost3Drop Boost
MoonReworkStatResetStat Reset
MoonReworkStatReset2Stat Reset
MoonReworkStatReset3Stat Reset
94MSpins15 Spins
375KLikesStatResetStat Points Reset
375KLikesSpins15 spins
375KLikesStatReset2Stat Points Reset
RevampDropBoost3Drop Boost
RevampDropBoostDrop Boost
RevampDropBoost2Drop Boost
RewardExpBoost2EXP Boost
RewardExpBoostEXP Boost
RewardExpBoost3EXP Boost
375KLikesExpBoost15 minutes 2x EXP
375KLikesExpBoost215 minutes 2x EXP
375KLikesExpBoost315 minutes 2x EXP
375KLikesDropBoost15 minutes 2x Drop
375KLikesDropBoost215 minutes 2x Drop
375KLikesDropBoost315 minutes 2x Drop
RewardDropBoostDrop Boost
RewardDropBoost2Drop Boost
RewardDropBoost3Drop Boost
RewardStatResetStat Reset
RewardStatReset2Stat Reset
RewardStatReset3Stat Reset
StatPointsResetPart1Stat Points Reset
StatPointsResetPart2Stat Points Reset
FixedClanRerollClan Reroll
FixedClanReroll2Clan Reroll
FixedClanReroll3Clan Reroll
GratefulBreathingRerollBreathing Reroll
GratefulBreathingReroll2Breathing Reroll
EggBreathingReroll2Breathing Reset
EggBreathingReroll3Breathing Reset
EggBreathingReroll4Breathing Reset
EggBreathingReroll5Breathing Reset
EggRaceRerollRace Reroll
EggRaceReroll2Race Reroll
EggRaceReroll3Race Reroll
EggRaceReroll4Race Reroll
EggRaceReroll5Race Reroll
EggMarkRerollSlayer Mark Reroll
EggMarkReroll2Slayer Mark Reroll
EggMarkReroll3Slayer Mark Reroll
EggMarkReroll4Slayer Mark Reroll
EggMarkReroll5Slayer Mark Reroll
EggClanRerollClan reroll
EggClanReroll2Clan reroll
EggClanReroll3Clan reroll
EggClanReroll4Clan reroll
EggClanReroll5Clan reroll
EggStatPointsResetStat reset
EggStatPointsReset2Stat reset
EggExpBoostEXP Boost
EggExpBoost2EXP Boost
EggExpBoost3EXP Boost
EggDropBoostDrop Boost
EggDropBoost2Drop Boost
EggDropBoost3Drop Boost
EggNichirinRerollNichirin Reroll
InsectClanRerollClan reroll
InsectClanReroll2Clan reroll
InsectClanReroll3Clan reroll
1YRBDA13Demon Art reset
1YRBDA14Demon Art reset
1YRBDA15Demon Art reset
1YRBDA16Demon Art reset
1YRBDA17Demon Art reset
1YRBDA18Demon Art reroll
1YRBDA19Demon Art reset
1YRBDA20Demon Art reset
1YR_RACE1Race reroll
1YR_RACE2Race reroll
1YR_RACE3Race reroll
1YR_RACE4Race reroll
1YR_RACE5Race reroll
1YR_RACE6Race reroll
1YR_RACE7Race reroll
1YR_RACE8Race reroll
1YR_RACE9Race reroll
1YR_RACE10Race reroll
1YR_RACE11Race reroll
1YR_RACE12Race reroll
1YR_RACE13Race reroll
1YR_RACE14Race reroll
1YR_RACE15Race reroll
1YR_RACE16Race reroll
1YR_RACE17Race reroll
1YR_RACE18Race reroll
1YR_RACE19Race reroll
1YR_RACE20Race reroll
1YR_CLAN1Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN2Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN3Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN4Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN5Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN6Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN7Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN8Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN9Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN10Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN11Clan reroll
1YR_CLAN12Clan reroll

Expired Slayers Unleashed codes 2024

UpdateExpBoost (1 – 5)EXP Boost
UpdateStatReset (1 – 5)Stat Reset
UpdateClanReroll (1-5)Clan Reroll
UpdateBreathingReroll (1-8)Breathing Reroll
UpdateRaceReroll (1-5)Race Reroll
UpdateBDAReroll (1-5)Demon Art Reroll
Up99ClanReroll (1 – 3)Clan Reroll
RainbowClan1 (1-4)Clan reroll
PridePower1 (1-4)Breathing reroll
PridezBDA (2-4)Demon Art reroll
PRIDEXP1 (1-2)EXP Boost

How to redeem Slayers Unleashed codes?

Follow these methods to redeem codes in Slayers Unleashed:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account and launch the game client.

  2. Start the game Slayers Unleashed.

  3. Click the "Codes" button, which is located on the main menu screen. This will bring up the code redemption screen.

  4. In the text field, enter the code you want to redeem.

  5. To redeem your prize, click the "Redeem" button.

If the code is valid, the associated reward will be added to your account. If the code is invalid or has expired, you will receive an error message. Furthermore, if you have any issues redeeming a code, try double-checking the code to make sure it is entered correctly. If the issue persists, you may want to contact the game's developers for assistance.

How to get Slayers unleashed codes?

To find Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox, players should regularly check official social media accounts such as Twitter and Discord. The developers often release codes there as a way to reward players and keep the gaming community engaged. Additionally, keeping an eye on the official Slayers Unleashed website and participating in live streams or events can lead to the discovery of exclusive codes.

Content creators and influencers associated with Slayers Unleashed may also share codes through their videos or social media channels. Remember to redeem codes promptly, as they may have limited availability or expiration dates.

What are Slayers unleashed codes?

Slayers Unleashed codes are special promotional codes that can be redeemed for various rewards in the game. These codes are usually released by the game's developers on their official social media accounts or community forums. Some examples of rewards that can be obtained through codes include free spins, weapons, and other items.

These codes are usually released frequently, so keep an eye on the game's official social media channels or community forums for the most up-to-date information on valid codes. It's crucial to remember that codes sometimes expire or are only available for a limited period, so use them as soon as possible.

FAQs about Slayers Unleashed Codes

Q. How to use codes in Slayers Unleashed 2023?

A. Once in-game, you'll notice a chat window on the left side of your screen. Copy and paste your desired codes from above into the window. If the code has been successfully redeemed, a notification will appear on the screen.

Q. How do you get moon-breathing in Slayer unleashed?

A. Moon Breathing is earned exclusively by defeating Tsugikuni Kokushibou. You must also be level 150+ and hybrid to obtain it. It serves as a supplemental breathing mechanism. It has a 50% chance of happening.