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Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James

LeBron James was declared the chosen one at the age of 16. He was the one who was supposed to take over from Michael Jordan and hence was given the nickname "King James". From being the cover athlete of Sports Illustrated while still in high school to becoming a 4 time NBA Champion and then going on to lead with his voice on topics of social justice. He is the greatest success story in the league's history. 

Michael Jordan was the pioneer that led the NBA to the global stage back in the 90s. The heights of global fame and stardom that he achieved put him in such rare air that he is still to this day considered the greatest athlete of all time. He relentlessly pursued greatness and won 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls. After retiring he went on to become a business tycoon amassing a huge amount of wealth. A few years later he bought the Charlotte Hornets and became the first ever American athlete to do so.

Lebron vs Jordan

Lebron James vs Michael Jordan regular season stats

Michael Jordan was all about taking over the game and single-handedly outplaying his opponents with his dominant game. LeBron is a more balanced player who scores when challenged to score but his game is more about getting his teammates involved, grabbing rebounds doing those little things that help a team get to victory.

Career(per game)LeBron JamesMichael Jordan
Field goal %50.449.7
3-point %34.432.7
Free throw %73.483.5

Career(totals)LeBron JamesMichael Jordan

Michael Jordan Regular season Advanced stats 

When one is comparing two different eras, it’s not ideal to just look at the major stats. Sometimes, advanced stats give us an insight into the playing style and a real nitty-gritty way of evaluating two different aspects of the same attribute. 

Advanced career statsLeBron JamesMichael Jordan
Player Efficiency Rating27.527.9
Value Over Replacement133.7116.1
Box Plus/Minus8.99.2
Win Shares236.4214
True Shooting %58.656.9
Usage %31.533.3

LeBron James vs Michael Jordan playoff stats 

Playoffs is where LeBron James's talents are really unleashed. Every year during the playoffs, he proves to everyone watching why he is one of the greatest to play the game. While on the other hand, Jordan's 6 in 6 should speak for itself. 

2020 NBA Finals - Game Six

Playoff averages (career)LeBron JamesMichael Jordan
Field goal %49.648.7
3-point %33.533.2
Free throw %74.182.8

Playoffs totals (career)LeBron JamesMichael Jordan

LeBron James vs Michael Jordan finals stats 

LeBron James has been to the finals 10 times, coming out with the championship on four occasions. Jordan went to the finals 6 times and astoundingly won all 6 of them without ever needing to go to Game 7.

Finals stats (career)LeBron JamesMichael Jordan
Points Per Game28.433.6
Rebounds Per Game10.26
Assists Per Game7.85.9
Field Goal%48.448.4
Three-Point Field Goal%35.234.3
Free Throw%73.182.1

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James career Accolades 

Michael Jordan Trophy

AchievementsLeBron JamesMichael Jordan
Championships4 (Finals record 4-6)6 (Finals record 6-0)
Regular season MVP45
Finals MVP46
All-Star selections1614
All NBA selections1611
All-Defensive team selection69

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James net worth 


LeBron James over his career and through other business ventures has amassed a fortune of over $480 million. Obviously, basketball is the driving force behind LeBron’s wealth; when you’ve been a top player for almost 20 years, the game checks simply add up. According to Spotrac’s financial data, James has earned an impressive total of almost $307 million in salary during his time in the NBA; 

King James’ income isn’t limited to basketball, though. Other than his massive Nike contract and game checks, the Lakers star is also quite the entrepreneur. Thanks to investments in Blaze Pizza, Beats, and Liverpool FC, among other brands. 

While LeBron James’ net worth is nothing to look down to, he’s still nowhere near His Airness. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan’s net worth clocks in at $1.6 billion.

Michael Jordan didn’t make that much in the NBA. He only commanded truly massive salaries during his last two seasons in Chicago; Jordan earned $93 million in game checks, with roughly $63 million coming in 1996-97 and 1997-98

However, his superstar status paid dividends. Apart from his massive contract with Nike, he endorsed everything from underwear to Gatorade and also McDonald's; those deals kept the cash flowing. In retirement, he also managed to get into an elite group by becoming an owner of an NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets. 

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