John McEnroe Net Worth

Born on February 16, 1959, John Patrick McEnroe Jr was a former professional tennis player and musician from the United States. McEnroe attained the No. 1 position in both singles and doubles with 78 doubles titles and 77 singles victories on the ATP Tour. McEnroe began playing tennis at the age of 8, and the following year, he enrolled in the Eastern Lawn Tennis Association and was soon competing in regional tournaments In the Open Era, he still holds the record for the most titles won by a man combined. In the divisions of men's singles and men's doubles, no other male player has earned more than 70 victories to date. On the ATP Champions tour, he also collected 25 singles victories.

He is noticed to fall under the top paid tennis players list. He was well-known for his ability to make shots and volley them. The legend officially retired from the game in 2006. After retirement, John focused on music, touring with his band (The Johnny Smyth Band) for two years; he quit the band in 1997 in the midst of recording an album. He has also served as a commentator at Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, and several smaller ATP tournaments

He currently works as a sports commentator for American television networks like ESPN, CBS, NBC, and the USA, as well as for the BBC in the UK at Wimbledon. He has also provided analysis for the US Open, Australian Open, and several ATP tournaments.

NameJohn Mcenroe
Source of IncomeTennis, television commentator, game show host, and talk show host.
Estimated wealth$100 million USD
Age63 years old
Marital statusMarried
Popular EndorsementsHEAD, Dunlop, Sergio Tacchini, Penn Solinco, Nike and Gold Coast
ResidenceManhattan's Upper West Side.

What is the net worth of John Mcenroe?

Former American World No. 1 in professional tennis, John McEnroe has a $100 million net worth. John has worked as a talk show host, game show host, and television analyst after his retirement. Apart from this John McEnroe is a well-known figure in popular culture as well as a musician, actor, art collector, philanthropist, coach, and pundit. He also founded a tennis academy.

John Mcenroe prize money

John McEnroe has earned total career prize money of $4,375,680 as he turned pro in 1978 and plays left-handed.

John Mcenroe Endorsement

He has endorsements with HEAD, Dunlop, Penn Solinco, Sergio Tacchini, Nike, and Gold Coast. However, after his retirement, his deal with Dunlop ended.

John Mcenroe Charities

John Mcenroe always seeks to help people who are in need. He has made a lot of contributions to society including charities like the Alliance for Lupus Research, All Stars Helping Kids, Bicycle For A Day, the Bone Marrow Foundation, CityParks Foundation, and Habitat For Humanity.

John Mcenroe’s residence

The house in the Paradise Cove neighborhood was bought for $18.8 million (A$26.2 million) in September 2015. Later it was put for lease in 2018 with a high asking price of $175,000 per month for the summer months of June, July, and August.

John Mcenroe’s car collection

John Mcenroe once owned a Ferrari 400i after which the car was opened for auction in 2015.