Jon Jones Fiancée

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Jon Jones is a professional mixed martial artist with a record of 26-1-1. Competing in the UFC, Jones is considered to be one of the GOATs of the sport. While his off the octagon actions make it difficult, his accolades in the sport are hard to overlook. Raised in Rochester, New York, Jones has held the Light-Heavyweight belt twice.

In 2011, when he beat Mauricio Rua, Jones (age 23) became the youngest world champion in the history of the UFC. He went on to defend the title for a record eight times. The one loss that is recorded in his career is due to the controversial “12-6” elbow rule. Hence, most of the MMA community and even president Dana White referred to Jones as undefeated. In 2021, speaking to ESPN, White said that they are still working on overturning that loss -


“The guy’s (Jon Jones) never lost a fight ever. That one loss on his record, we’re trying to get that overturned, It was at a time and a place in the Nevada State Athletic Commission when it was at its worst. It was the weakest commission ever in the history of Nevada, and the referee that reffed that fight shouldn’t have even been in there, and he disqualified Jon, which shouldn’t have happened either. So, hopefully, we can get that done.”

Currently, Jones is in the process of completing his move to the heavyweight division. He vacated his Light Heavyweight belt in 2020. However, it seems like fans must wait to see Jones back in the Octagon as he and the UFC are in a pay dispute. His last bout was a highly disputed unanimous decision win against Dominick Reyes in 2020 at UFC 247.

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Who is Jon Jones' Fiancée, Jessie Moses?

Jon Jones Fiancee Jessie Moses


Born on 12th September 1987 Jessie Moses is the fiancée of Jon Jones. Raised in New York, she graduated from Broome Community College in New York. Moses has maintained privacy when it comes to her and her family life. It seems that she doesn't have a presence on Instagram and she is hardly seen on her husband’s profile.

In 2014, Jones credited Sheila Ryan, mother of Jessie Moses, who helped him maintain focus towards his goals -

“She was the first person that really taught me how to believe more and be confident and focus on your mind and your thoughts, positivity, goal-setting and things like that. She really taught me things about meditation and visualization and thinking great and thinking big”

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How did Jon Jones and Jessie Moses meet?

Jon Jones with Fiancee and Kids

Credit: Jon Jones Twitter

Jon Jones and Jessie Moses met and started dating when they were at Endicott High School in New York. Deadspin reports that Jones then went to Iowa Central Community College. After dating for nearly a decade, Jones proposed to Moses in 2013 on Easter. While there is no official confirmation about the couple’s marriage, Jon Jones confirmed the status in a spat between him and Daniel Cormier -

“I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat a** lol.” - said Cormier

“He said my wife got a flat a**? She DOES have a flat a** … but I love it! Oh, I love it. It’s nice. It’s good. I love my wife’s flat a**!” - Jones responded via TMZ

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How many kids do Jon Jones and Jessie Moses have?

Jon Jones with Kids

Credit: Jon Jones Instagram

The couple has three daughters - Leah, Carmen and Olivia Haven. Carmen is named after Jones’s sister who died of brain cancer.

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