How to Become a CEO in GTA 5

Last Modified Feb 17, 2021 08:23 GMT

If you’re interested in becoming a CEO or VIP, it’s best to know the differences between the two. For most players, a CEO is a more valuable position, as the VIP position lacks for four hours in freemode (whereas the CEO position lasts as long as you like).

With that aside, becoming a CEO or VIP is surprisingly easy in GTA 5. To become a VIP, a player needs to have $50,000 in their bank and open up the Interaction Menu (they don’t actually spend $50,000, it’s just a minimum requirement). Here, they go to “SecuroServ” and then they can register as a VIP. After those four hours are up, you would have to wait another 12 hours until signing up to be a VIP again.

Becoming a CEO is a little more complicated, as a player needs to own an office beforehand. The cheapest office is $1,000,000, but any office will suffice. Once you have whatever office you fancy, becoming a CEO is highly similar to the VIP method listed above. Go to “SecuroServ” under the Interaction Menu and register as a CEO.

What are the perks of becoming a CEO or VIP?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a CEO or a VIP in GTA 5. First, they gain additional ways to make money (some of which are fantastic moneymakers). Second, becoming a CEO is a requirement for some other businesses, which hosts its own myriad of perks. However, they also have some amazing abilities related to spawning vehicles worth mentioning.

Becoming a CEO means you own an Organization, which is essential for doing businesses such as:

- Gunrunning

- Import/Export

- Special Cargo

- Air Freight Caro

- Owning a Facility, which lets them do the Doomsday Heist

- Nightclubs

- Arcades

Alternatively, a player can own a motorcycle club to get some of these benefits, so it’s valuable to see what else a CEO or VIP brings to the table. The first ability to talk about is how CEOs and VIPs can spawn vehicles to them. There’s a small cost if they don’t own the vehicle, otherwise it will be free.

The following vehicles can be spawned by a CEO:

- SuperVolito

- Turreted Limo

- Baller LE LWB (Armored)


- BeeJay XL

- Buzzard Attack Chopper

- Cognoscenti (Armored)

- Rumpo Custom

- Dinghy

- Volatus

- Schafter LWB (Armored)

- Washington

- Stretch

- Patriot

- Super Diamond

- SuperVolito

- Sanchez

- Duneloader

- Bodhi

- Havok

The CEO or VIP can also have their associates/bodyguards spawn these vehicles, which is its own benefit. Speaking of that, becoming a CEO or VIP can have their friends become bodyguards or associates, which gives them extra money and RP.

Another perk worth mentioning is that CEOs have extra abilities:

- Drop Bullshark Testosterone for $1k

- Drop ammo for $1k

- Drop Super Heavy Armor for $1.5k

- Hide everybody in the Organization for 3 minutes for $12k

- Remove wanted levels and grants immunity to wanted levels for two minutes for $15k

How to make money as a CEO in GTA 5?

Making money as a CEO in GTA 5 is pretty simple. Aside from the businesses listed above, active CEOs can partake in Organization Work, which includes nine jobs at any given time. There are:

Solo Organization Work (ideal for solo players)

- Asset Recovery

- Hostile Takeover

- Sightseer

- Headhunter

Solo Organization Work + Vehicles (also ideal for solo players)

- Fortified (Requires an Armored Boxville)

- Velocity (Requires a Rocket Voltic)

- Fully Loaded (Requires a Ruiner 2000)

- Transporter (Requires a Wastelander)

- Plowed (Requires a Phantom Wedge)

- Stockpiling (Requires a Blazer Aqua)

Group Organization Work (Requires at least one associate or bodyguard)

- Amphibious Assault (Requires a Technical Aqua)

- Ramped Up (Requires a Ramp Buggy)

More Group Organization Work (Requires at least one person outside of the organization)

- Haulage

- Airfreight

- Piracy Prevention

- Executive Search

- Executive Deathmatch

Aside from these jobs and the aforementioned businesses, there is also Special Cargo. Special Cargo involves Buy Missions and Sell Missions. The 17 Buy Missions are:

- Standard Pickup

- Way Back Trouble

- Spooked

- Moving Pickup

- Helicopter Packages

- Deal Gone Wrong

- Crash Site (five possible locations)

- Air Drop (Standard & The Valkyrie Issue)

- Personnel Issue

- Multiple Vehicles (Map Searching & Trackify Searching)

- Thieves

- Ambush (Gang Ambush & Police Ambush)

- Gang Fights

- Cargo on the Sea

- Robbed Cargos (The Armenian Mob, The Kkangpae, The Lost MC, The Professionals, The Vagos)

- The Police Transporter

- Police Confiscation

Selling the cargo is pretty easy, as it generally involves the player driving either the Tug, Cuban 800, Titan, or Brickade from one location to another. All of these missions don’t even include side businesses like Nightclubs, Vehicle Warehouse, etc., which makes it even more profitable than you might realize.


Q) What level do you need to be to buy a CEO office?

You can buy a CEO Office at level 1. The main issue is acquiring the money to purchase an office, as $1,000,000 is quite a lot for a level 1 player.

Q) How to kick off undesirables from your yacht?

Technically, there is no peaceful way to kick off undesirables from one’s yacht. The only way to get rid of them is to turn off the yacht’s defence mode and manually kill them. Afterwards, players have to change who has access to their yacht through the Interaction Menu to only allow desirables on the yacht. Owners cannot stop players from glitching into the yacht.

Wrapping Up

As you might see, becoming a CEO or a VIP is highly recommended. The pros outweigh the cons, as it’s quite easy to save enough money to become a CEO permanently (or just a little to be a VIP until then). The money-maker alone is nice, but all of those extra benefits make becoming a CEO or VIP highly worth it, especially when you have friends that can help you out.