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How to make a bucket in Minecraft

A brief Minecraft guide on how to craft a bucket in Minecraft. (Image via 52HIDER/YouTube)
A brief Minecraft guide on how to craft a bucket in Minecraft. (Image via 52HIDER/YouTube)
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A bucket in Minecraft is an item made out of iron, that can be used to collect and carry water, lava, milk, and fish.

Unfortunately, Minecraft players can't just scoop up water with their hands in the game. A bucket is required in order to collect and hang on to this resource.

Buckets can be used to collect a variety of liquid substances such as lava, water, and milk. Even fish can be collected alive in a bucket and then transported and placed in a new location.

What is fortunate for Minecraft players on the other hand, is that buckets are actually relatively easy to obtain. Players can craft one for themselves or maybe even get lucky and find one out in the open world.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can make a bucket, as well as discuss the uses for them.

How to make a bucket in Minecraft

Making a bucket in Minecraft is actually a rather simple process, and will only require three pieces of the same ingredient in order to craft one. Players will need to combine three iron ingots at a crafting table in order to make a bucket.


Iron ore can be found in the depths of Minecraft's Overworld, typically in caves, mineshafts, ravines, and other underground places. In order to mine iron ore, Minecraft players will need at least a stone pickaxe or one of higher quality.

Once players get iron ore in their possession, they can smelt it into the iron ingots that they need by using a furnace and a fuel source such as coal.

Iron ingots can also be found in a variety of chests from naturally generated structures throughout the game. Even buckets themselves have a chance to be inside the chests found in dungeons, woodland mansions, and savanna house chests.

The crafting recipe for a bucket in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for a bucket in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Players can make a bucket by combining three iron ingots at a crafting table, as pictured above.

Uses for buckets in Minecraft


Buckets are primarily used to collect and move liquids such as water and lava. Minecraft players can actually perform a pretty neat life saving trick when they are falling and have a water bucket in their inventory.

Right before the player hits the ground, they can place the water down onto the ground and safely land in the water instead of dying. It may take a couple tries to learn the timing, but it's a technique worth having in a player's back pocket.

Buckets can also be used to get milk from a cow or mooshroom. Fish can also be picked up and moved to a new location by using a bucket.

Check out this full guide on how to get the "I am a Marine Biologist" achievement.

In the upcoming 1.17 update, Minecraft players will also be able to use their buckets in order collect and carry powder snow and axolotls.

Published 19 Dec 2020, 01:01 IST
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