How to get shaders in Minecraft


There are without a doubt those are unsatisfied with the current look of their Minecraft game. Perhaps the textures have grown to be an eyesore, or maybe you just want a new change of pace that gives you a different outlook of the game. With this idea, you will definitely want to look at Shaders, so that you can add a fresh coat of paint to your Minecraft gaming experience, whilst also improving the looks of Mobs lighting or just the basic textures you regularly see. There will be those of course who ask: How does one get shaders? Where can you get Shaders? In this article we will seek to answer these questions for your convenience.

Setting Up A folder 

Before you do anything like searching for shaders to use, you should first create a folder to place all of your shaders into. This way, whenever you download a new shader, you can set the download to be loaded in the folder you set up. 

Setting Up A folder

Simply call it the “Minecraft Shader folder” or anything fitting that you would prefer and then make sure that any new shaders you download go into this folder. For those who don’t know how to make a new folder just right click on your desktop, go to new, and then go to create a new folder. From there we learn where you can get your new coveted shaders. 

Option 1:

In this article we will be exploring mainly two different sources for where you can get your Shaders. The first option will be which is a sight that is not only home to shaders, but all kinds of texture packs that you can download for your convenience. 


To access shaders you will want to go to the shader section of the sight which is located in the top right corner of the menu. From there you will see a major host of selections and options that you can choose and download at your pleasure. If you see something you like, you can click on the shader and download it from the multiple options that will be before you.


Option 2: Minecraft

Much like with, Minecraft-storage is a site that not only features shaders, but a variety of different features for you to use, like textures, maps or worlds for you to download. 

Minecraft Storage

What makes this site stand out with its selections is that it organizes the shaders that you can download into the different versions of minecraft that you can play through, making it available for older versions of the game. 

Minecraft Storage

The site even boasts a blog which can inform you how to install different shaders or which shaders you should download. 


Do keep in mind that you will not be able to use these shaders efficiently unless you have the optifine program which can help organize the shaders into something cohesive for you to use. Once you have it, your experience of using the shaders can become all the more convenient for you. 

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