South Asian Games 2019 Tennis Schedule

Last Modified Dec 03, 2019 07:42 GMT

SAG 2019 Tennis Schedule

Sr. No.Men’sSr. No.Women’s
1Men’s Team Event1Women’sTeam Event
2Men’s Singles2Women’s Singles
3Men’s Doubles3Women’s Doubles
4Mixed Doubles

Draw Format: Elimination

Saturday30 Nov 2019Arrival of Referee, Teams, Umpires & Other Officials
Sunday1 Dec 2019Umpire’s Meeting
Sunday1 Dec 2019Captain’s Meeting & Draw
Monday2 Dec, 2019Team Events
Tuesday3 Dec, 2019Team Events
Wednesday4 Dec, 2019Team Events
Thursday5 Dec, 2019Individual Events
Friday6 Dec, 2019Individual Events
Saturday7 Dec, 2019Individual Events
Sunday8 Dec, 2019Individual Events
Monday9 Dec, 2019Individual Events
Tuesday10 Dec 2019Departure of Teams & Officials

All the matches start at 8:30 AM